Bundle: Humble Codemasters Racing Bundle 2017

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This bundle officially sucks hard, and this is the first time I'm saying it in a bundle description. Make sure to give 100% of your contribution (if any) to charity, to let HB, IGN and Codemasters know that you're not playing along.
  • Tier 2 comes with 40% off coupons for F1 2017 and DiRT 4. Which is funny because DiRT 4 was 60% off on Steam on the day this bundle got released...
  • Includes DLCs for those games -- yay. And if you want to hold onto them until you get the games, maybe next time they're bundled, you'll get an extra copy of the DLCs... Have fun.
  • Can't upgrade to a higher tier after purchase.
Tier 1 ($1)
Tier 2 ($6.94)
Tier 3 ($15)
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  • Actions…[Lestrades.com] Nao 尚 (December 5th, 2017, 08:25 PM) » So I was right about grid autostart, and wrong about tier 3. ended up being a rebundle of the season pass, which I was assuming would be part of tier 2 as well... so basically it's the exact same thing and price as TWO YEARS AGO. This really is the worst AAA bundle in months.
  • Actions…[Lestrades.com] Nao 尚 (November 29th, 2017, 01:09 PM) » Mystery games are announced for the following week in tiers 2 & 3, but nearly all of Codemasters' games have been bundled at least once, except for Overlord 3 and Damnation. I'm placing my bets on seeing a rebundle of GRID Autosport in tier 2 (it's currently at -75%, $10 on Steam but it was already a tier 2 in Codemasters' last bundle so there's no reason to move it up), and Overlord 3 as a first-time bundle in tier 3, despite being twice as cheap as Autosport ($4.7 right now on Steam). That's the most logical scenario, but also best-case, and given how messed up this bundle is, I'm also placing bets on seeing instead Overlord 1 in tier 2, and GRID 1 + DiRT Showdown in tier 3. (lol the ratios.)