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Wrong game key received
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I have traded with someone recently and I was expecting a key for Tumblestone. When activated Steam told me it was for Tumblestone trial, and I can now confirm it is kind of a demo of the game :o
You can find this kind of topic explaining the problem. This is, I think, a rather stupid move from the game dev, Steam offers demo, why would you generate keys for them ?!

So anyway, the owner of the key seemed surprised and proposed another key, which I declined because it's probably the same one. I think he might got scammed in a trade, and honestly gave me what he thought was a real key (he has good trade stats).

I can't mark this trade as OK, is it possible to use another status than failed ?
Maybe it also could be possible to add a warning to the game database here to advise people to check first the key they received, before giving their part of the trade.


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