My Steam account got stolen -- Warning for ALL Steam users

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Re: My Steam account got stolen -- Warning for ALL Steam users
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It does seem that those with locked accounts are helped first (besides the certainty that nothing can get stolen that way), so if nothing else it seems to speed up the resolution process. Steam probably marks those as higher priority issues.


If you get hit by this, try to lock down the account quickly. Apparently items that do not go through the Steam community market are being drained (like for example Rocket League items). It also resulted in a VAC ban for Rust for someone, so try to stop it as quickly as possible if you do get your account stolen.


lupuscaucasus also has his account stolen. In my list it seems quite a few people got it resolved already. It is mostly Fizz and lupuscaucasus (in my friendslist) who still need help to get their account back.
Posted: February 13th, 11:46 AM

Update: Fizz got it resolved as well. In my friendlist it is now just Lupuscaucasus who still has a hijacked account.


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