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Bad sites
« on October 9th, 2017, 11:43 PM »
There are bad traders, and then there are bad sites as well.
Thought they deserved their own topic, too.

I bought a lot from HRK at some point last year. They had cool cheap bundles of rarer games not bundled elsewhere.
Well, don't buy custom bundles from them.

They advertise for instance a $1.1 bundle.
Then they offer you 3 ways of paying:
- $1.1 in HRK Wallet (i.e. you spend $5 on them, exclusively with credit card, basically it's G2A Wallet, except it's not compatible of course. IT USED TO BE, because HRK is basically a subsidiary of G2A... But I guess they want to make people pay even more.)
- $1.24 in Paypal or credit card money. Why the $0.14 tax? I don't know. The spirit of G2A!
- $1.60 or something if you pay with G2Apay. That's a huge tax!

So, now, OF COURSE, when you pay with Paypal, they will tell you "don't close this page; please allow up to 20 minutes to process". After half an hour it's still there. If you contact their support team, they tell you that due to security issues, they've canceled your order and you should use G2APay or HRK Wallet. That is, either pay a huge tax, or buy several bundles in advance and don't fuck with us. Okay.

So I tried to order again. This time I got a different message, saying I had to send a picture of my ID card. No kidding? For a $1.1 bundle? "If you don't want to send your picture, you'll have to purchase through G2APay".

Yeah, guys, you know what? This kind of shady behavior is the very first step to becoming a more than shady site-- a scammer site.
So I'm officially withdrawing HRK from the permanent bundle slate. (Yes, the page wasn't on, because it was under work, outdated and needed refreshing; that's part of the reason why I was buying a custom bundle from them today. See the Steamgrounds bundle page, these things are boring to handle with so many games that come in & out of the bundle list.)

Do not waste your time buying from HRK!


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Re: Bad sites
« Reply #1, on October 10th, 2017, 12:28 PM »Last edited on October 11th, 2017, 02:05 AM
I recently bought a sale game there and indeed had an issue with payment. My email address was different than my paypal address so the transaction in HK was pending, but in paypal it has gone through.
I was able to resolve the problem quickly with support. But it is appalling that they charge money, yet you don't have access to the games.

Something internally changed, because in the past I never had a problem whatsoever.


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Re: Bad sites
« Reply #2, on October 10th, 2017, 04:55 PM »
HRK are G2A?
That's all i need to know, fuck G2A and all associates...

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Re: Bad sites
« Reply #3, on October 10th, 2017, 06:17 PM »
They refunded both purchase attempts; still, that sucked...
I had no problems until January 2017; after that, I made several unsuccessful attempts to order. The fact that I couldn't obtain anything made it so that my 'permanent bundle' page for HRK went under the radar (I can deactivate them while I'm working on them; it's the only one I did that with, except for Steamgrounds, which I uncovered a few weeks ago when I deemed it okay. (Since then, Steamgrounds stopped accepting Paypal payments, ah ah... The irony.)

You're saying it's about non-matching e-mail addresses? I think I had the same... Anyway, the simple fact that they won't authorize my payments, TWICE in support tickets, while I proved that I made 7 prior purchases with the same account & Paypal address, is preposterous. While should I have to prove that I'm not a thief when I bought as far back as early 2016 without issues and I'm only buying cheap bundles anyway?? Their pre-written answers clearly prove that their only goal is to force people to fork out WAY more than the buck they're advertising for.

@humpaa, well, basically if a site allows you to pay with G2apay (G2pay??), it's likely to be owned by G2A...
Basically, G2A also own HRK, Kinguin and probably G2Play.
All of these sites are a pain in the ass.
Instant-gaming.com is unrelated to them; they used to be complicated but in the last few years they gained a better reputation. I recently bought a few games from them without issues, and without having to go through stupid wallet things. I'd recommend them as an alternative for the grey market. (What they sell isn't third-party keys but keys bought in bulk from Polish retail agents and scanned into their database.)

PS: well, if someone's able to buy through them & willing to spend 2 minutes for me, please get me a $1.1 bundle of Dwarflings + Vive le roi + Plancton Space conflict + The Displaced + BalanCity, I'll pay you back as soon as you send me the keys, that'd be helpful! They're the only 5 games I need, including one for a trade I botched yesterday (and I absolutely hate botching trades... Thank you again, HRK!)
Re: Bad sites
« Reply #4, on November 23rd, 2017, 09:56 AM »
Another site I'm adding to my blacklist: GamersGate.

I attempted to make multiple purchases there, and they were turned down *after* payment. They say it's because I used a VPN. I said yeah, I'm using a VPN, what's their deal? I'm a real person, I'm not trying to hack them, and I'm paying with real money, *and* I made multiple purchases before that without any problems, and always with a VPN.... They said they don't care, they don't want VPNs on their site. So basically, if you have any problems on your line that forces you to use a VPN, you're screwed. Not only that, but they'll happily let you browse their site with your VPN & fill your cart with stuff until AFTER you've paid for it all, THEN they'll cancel your purchase, AND not tell you why at all, and force you to e-mail their support, who will of course be very rude with you.

As a result I'm adding GamersGate to my 'bad list', and encourage you guys to do the same.