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Region Locked Games (NA)
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Hi friends,

This is my first post here so i apologize if this doesnt go here or was already discussed.  i started trading in barter.vg since December when i began buying my first bundles in fanatical.com. I currently have 20+ successful trades already.

So far i have found a  roadblock of sorts because i have several repeated copies of games marked as region locked, so before sending more offers to people i would like to know some basics on how these things work. It has been difficult to find matches as it is.

1. My county is Mexico, but i could not find any info if my codes can be redeemable in other parts of the region (Such USA or Canada) or even the rest of the Americas

2. If i want to trade with someone from Europe for example , with anyone wants to take the risk, should they need to change their region to redeem the code? is this allowed?

3. If you are from my region and/or country and want to trade these region locked items let me know and we can discuss (all are fanatical.com keys)

Going Under  (3 codes)
Main Assembly  (3 codes)
Blasphemous  (1 code)

I accept games i don´t have at this point.

Many thanks in advance friends

[Lestrades.com] Nao 尚

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Re: Region Locked Games (NA)
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This kind of information is indicated automatically on Barter, I believe, but not here because I chose to use IsThereAnyDeal's bundle database, with all its quirks and issues, in order not to rely entirely on BVG for everything. Stats show that while Lestrade's has a pretty good trading system (I always find it more practical than Barter's), most people use Lestrade's to fiddle with their game library, rather than send trade offers.
So it's up to you to mention region locks when sending offers.

More importantly, users are free to indicate their country of residence in their profile, so you can determine whether or not this will be an issue. :-)