Games about to be delisted

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Games about to be delisted
« on November 12th, 2017, 01:59 PM »
Figured a topic about this might be nice, so we don't miss out on them...

Then again, the 'A list' games I remember being delisted in the past (Deadpool, Castle of Illusion, Mafia 2..) all came back at one point to Steam. Still, Castle of Illusion has never been sold at a lower price than on the last day before it was 'pulled', so good deals can still be found I guess.

Anyway, Deadpool is leaving Steam again, apparently... -70% right now. It's still too expensive for my taste (9€). I'll just be waiting for it to come back inevitably when Deadpool 2 comes out in theaters and maybe they'll bundle it to gain awareness for the inevitable follow-up game. :lol: