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FF 15
« on February 17th, 2019, 03:12 PM »
So, might as well put this sub-forum to use... :P

Has anyone gone through Final Fantasy XV..?
I recently got it from a trade, and am unable to complete chapter 6, which isn't even halfway through the game.
The mission is 'Imperial Infiltration', and it's the kind of mission I absolutely LOATHE: unskippable stealth...
I really, really suck at stealth. Not only that, but after my first failure, I'll systematically be more wary of playing, so I'll be even less likely to complete the mission successfully.

This kind of crap already forced me to stop playing Tales of Legendia (again, halfway through the game!), Chrono Cross (the follow-up to my favorite JRPG! The bastards!), and now FF 15, which I was starting to really enjoy...

The problem is that I've been watching many walkthrough videos, and they all seem to flawlessly warp-kill the first single soldier, and I did that as well on my first try... Then I got caught... And on all of my subsequent tries, I was caught when warp-killing that very first soldier, even if I used the same timings as in the walkthrough videos.

That's, really, extremely annoying... As if my copy of the game decided to be buggy.
I could decide to call it quits and skip the rest of Chapter 6 (I've got a New Game+ copy of the save where you can select your chapter), but that'd also mean all of my previously finished subquests would be wiped clean... And some of them took a really, really long time to finish...

I couldn't find any trainers or cheat engine tables that would disable the stealth variable, so I can't do that either.
Just when I was starting to think I had restored my faith in video games, ahah... This one manages to kill it all.
Re: FF 15
« Reply #1, on February 17th, 2019, 03:28 PM »
Okay, just in case someone else has trouble...
I tried this trainer: http://gtrainers.com/load/categories/trainers/final_fantasy_xv_trainer_23_v1_0_build_1138403_fling/28-1-0-5445
It's for v1.0 of the game, but it worked fine on v1.03.
Enabling the stealth option prevents enemies from seeing you, lol, so I was able to complete the sequence while staying next to the guy.

And apparently, my problem with warp-kill is that I pressed the button for too long, and it registered as a different, non-stealth move.
Still, won't need to remember that... Phew!