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Give me more stats
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Could we have more stats for offers? Like quantity in general, per store, per bundle, fulfilled wishlists, etc.

Stats are pretty cool, and something unique to this website. I like to check them from time to time. I'm sure it brings more value to the website. Probably something that people don't know they need.

Also the ability to generate graphs for your own profile, like wishlists, tradables, etc would be immense imo. With a signature generator it could be a good addition to people who like to compete in stats, ala steamladder, completionist, etc. But obviously focused on trades.

PS: I've noticed I'm top poster wth!

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Re: Give me more stats
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There are more stats but they're only available to me, ahah :^^;:
I don't know, I've never seen any interest in stats beyond my own interest!