Library playtimes, now 100% accurate!

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Library playtimes, now 100% accurate!
« on May 7th, 2017, 07:39 PM »
I'm sure most of you are regular 'farmers'. You always have ASF or IdleMaster running in the background, farming for trading cards as soon as you add new games.

It's normal. It's called not throwing money out the window. You make a few cents on each card, and the bigger your library, the more money it represents.

You may also be, while it's less likely (:lol:), a regular 'player', meaning your library items aren't just for show, you also like to play them. Some games you enjoy, some not, in the end you want to showcase them in your library but the playtimes are all screwed up-- because of farming! There are even some games that can take a LOT of time to finish farming and you only realize it the next morning. I have Wasteland 2 sitting at 16 hours playtime even though I never even installed it, for instance.

So... What can we do?
Well, just use Lestrade's!

1/ Go to your Library page.
2/ Click the Sync with Steam button to get the latest version of your library & playtimes.
3/ The library, by default, is sorted by playtimes, like in Steam. Now just hover your mouse (yes, I'm not supporting mobile devices yet, I'll do that later) over the actual playtime data. For instance, "(5h38mn)".
4/ A new button will show up over it, "Mark as farmed".
5/ Haven't played this game yet? Click the button!!! That's all.

You are now the proud owner of a reset playtime for that game. It will no longer show as played for 5 hours and 38 minutes. Internally it's just telling Lestrade's to remove 5h38 from the playtime in real time. If you start playing the game now for 10 minutes, the game will show as being played for 10 minutes.

Isn't that swell?!
It's something I've never seen any other site do.

Future improvements:
- Ability to undo that action for a game,
- Ability to mass-reset all playtimes (not sure I'll do it) or mass-revert them.
- Ability to actually set a playtime. If for instance you remember playing a game for an hour, you can ask LT's to set the playtime to an hour.

Well, I hope you enjoy the feature! I wrote it while trying to ensure it'd be fast enough to mark games as farmed en masse. I've done it for hundreds of games in my library this afternoon and tweaked the UX to make it even simpler.


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My real wishlist is on steam.
My wishlist here is for trading purposes.
I like to trade for games I do not own based on Want/Have Ratio, rather than other approaches.

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Re: Library playtimes, now 100% accurate!
« Reply #2, on May 10th, 2017, 02:46 PM »
Why would you want to mass-reset?
Although I guess it'd be "faster" to mass-reset, and then set proper playtimes for games you actually played, but that'd require showing you the Steam playtime next to the LT playtime so you can make an educated guess on actual playtimes... That's still a bit too complex for me. :P

I just wanna say, I have 3k games, about 1200 to 1500 have cards, and I 'only' played about 250 of those... It took me about an hour to reset everything else. So yeah, it's doable, if you're committed to having a Steam library somewhere that shows actual playtimes, regardless of farming times. ;) I know I am!
Re: Library playtimes, now 100% accurate!
« Reply #3, on May 10th, 2017, 03:57 PM »
FIX: Hopefully made buttons show up (and disappear) faster (the difference is *really* obvious, at least in Firefox). Which is important when you click a lot of them...
Re: Library playtimes, now 100% accurate!
« Reply #4, on June 9th, 2017, 01:10 AM »
Yes, there isn't such an action for now.
Why? Because nobody seems to care about the feature. I thought I was the only one who uses it, and the only time I clicked a button by mistake, I simply reverted it in the database...
I'll eventually add a UI for it, but it's not easy finding a nice way of showing all possible actions.

Just post your game(s) here and I'll reset them for you. :^^;:
Re: Library playtimes, now 100% accurate!
« Reply #5, on June 10th, 2017, 05:45 PM »
Okay it's reset ;)

Incidentally (like you say), Rocket League's game ID has the same last 3 numbers as your LT member ID...

What should be 'more obvious'..?
My original plan was to have a 'Mark farm times' general button that would then redirect to a list of farmed games that you could mark as farmed or not. It would have been simpler for me, but I liked the challenge of presenting a hover box on top of playtimes that allow you to mark them as farm time...
Re: Library playtimes, now 100% accurate!
« Reply #6, on June 10th, 2017, 06:21 PM »
There's only so much information I can show on that page. This isn't a vital feature so I don't consider it mandatory to show something. I could do it at the end of the page where it's less crowded, though.