Problems I've faced as a newbie on this site


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Problems I've faced as a newbie on this site
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How do I "Select All" when adding bulk Tradables?
I shouldn't have to mass select 250 games in order to start my list again.

I understand the 'Ignore' selection after adding bulk Tradables,
what I don't understand is - when it suggests a game based on the keyword it thought I meant but doesn't tell me which game I had wrote previously so I can correct the matter.
I can only select 'ignore', and that game is skipped. I have no idea which game it was.
This is critical for me.

"Banners" need to be an option to be turned ON/OFF permanently,
I don't want to press it each time the page has been updated.

[] Nao 尚

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Re: Problems I've faced as a newbie on this site
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Honestly, I can't remember the 'bulk tradables' area, I never use it since I manage my collection here, and then manually export to BVG.

As for banners, it'd have to be stored in the database, but I forgot the format for that, and most importantly, where in the code I should update stuff. (I would post it on github, if only I were convinced that some users would be tempted to help with development. As of now, I have 99% confidence it won't change anything, so why bother.)

I'm aware it'd be a good thing to do, though. The banners, I mean. As it is, most of the website is customized to my taste. Not to say I think I have the best tastes, but I'm not paid for this pet project, so I guess it matters that I'm comfortable with it. ;-)