Maybe i'm blind, but how do i close a trade where i was deceived?


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Re: Maybe i'm blind, but how do i close a trade where i was deceived?
« Reply #1, on February 13th, 2021, 03:52 PM »Last edited on February 13th, 2021, 04:02 PM
It could be a Steam Curator key in which case it is effectively like a retail key for gameplay purposes and permanency. I'd go a step further and state that it is almost certainly a Steam Curator key as the beta for that game has long passed. So you should be able to play that game indefinitely with that key. Developers cannot revoke Steam Curator keys from what I understand. Obviously such a key has a description that is different and it is listed differently in your overview of game licenses. Some want nothing to do with Steam Curator and others do not mind. Obviously for developers it can be less beneficial if Steam Curator keys are used in this sense. It depends though....they hope to increase visibility for their games by means of hopefully positive game reviews (and possibly tips / hints which help improve the game further) which hopefully in turn lead to better sales.

There is no way to delete a PM via Steam. Generally it is best if people specify exactly what they are offering to the other party, so that no one is unhappy in hindsight. Obviously that does not always happen. It is best to talk to the individual you wanted to trade with first to see if you can work it out in a way that works for both of you if it is a major issue, assuming it is a Steam Curator key.


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Re: Maybe i'm blind, but how do i close a trade where i was deceived?
« Reply #2, on February 14th, 2021, 06:24 PM »Last edited on February 14th, 2021, 06:46 PM
It is not a cutator key, It is from Indiegala/Space Action bundle.

As i explain in a pm:

You can find that package here:

Some keys got diferents names but are the same Game.

A example of this are the free version of a Game with cards, same Game but with cards drop restriction:

And ... Before i forget, Curator games aren't keys, people have to redeem It using a link on Curator page.

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Re: Maybe i'm blind, but how do i close a trade where i was deceived?
« Reply #3, on March 2nd, 2021, 12:42 PM »
What they said. It's usually the full game. And when I say usually, it's because I haven't tried them all obviously, but normally there's no point in keeping a beta version in your Steam repos. And as for games that expire -- never happens with keys, unless the developer decides to revoke them by himself. In which case he's the scammer.

To add to the topic, whenever someone sends you a key that redeems as "Beta testing for..." or something similar, it means they probably contacted the developer, offered to help (either by testing or promoting the game), got a free key so they could start helping, and proceeded to resell or trade away that key and ignore the developer.

Happens a lot on trading sites. Quite frowned upon, at least here. Only acceptable if multiple 'keys' were obtained that way. Otherwise it's likely the user really scammed the developer.

Really, I'm not a big fan of retrading your beta games.


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