VR Flush - Magic Toilet Brush

VR Flush - Magic Toilet Brush (VR)
Its just like your toilet brush at home... But MAGIC! This royal artifact will strike fear into the hearts of you enemies and legitimate your claim to the throne! According to legend, it rules even over gravity. And the best part: If you buy now, you get a second one for free!!
Steam DLC
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Redeem OnSteam for Windows
Release Date
StudioBrudingo Team (2)
Base Price$2, last seen at $1.2 on Steam, seen as low as $1.2
OwnersLess than 20,000
ReviewsN/A (2 positive, 0 negative, potentially 100%)
TagsGenre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, First-Person - User tags: Story Rich, Space, Sci-fi, Physics, Magic, Funny, Atmospheric, Short, Robots, Comedy - Others: Singleplayer, Free to Play, VR, Pending Steam verification
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