The game is set in a dark pixel fantasy world. Destroy hordes of monsters ruling over what once was a prosperous land. 10 levels filled with various enemies await, you, each requiring a different approach to defeat. Like in any RPG, leveling up is the core element of the game
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Release Date
StudioDeveloped by MyDreamForever (13)
Published by Red twice potato (20)
Base Price$4, seen as low as $0.5
Reviews87% Positive (254 positive, 40 negative, potentially 86.4%)
TagsGenre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Action RPG, Hack and Slash, Shooter, Bullet Hell, Top-Down, Exploration, Third Person, Rogue-like, Rogue-lite, Top-Down Shooter, Mystery Dungeon - User tags: Pixel Graphics, 2D, Atmospheric, Retro - Others: Singleplayer, Passed Steam verification
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