SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising
SYNTHETIK is an unforgiving tactical shooter rogue-lite where freedom and experimentation is key. Fight in a world overrun by the Machine Legion and their Gods. Experience the next level in gun-play and dive into unparalleled build options and Android upgrades. Can you defeat the Heart of Armageddon?
Steam game
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Redeem OnSteam for Windows
Release Date
StudioFlow Fire Games (5)
Base Price$20, last seen at $10 on Steam, seen as low as $10
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Reviews95% Positive (4,852 positive, 236 negative, potentially 95.4%)
TagsGenre: Action, Indie, Shooter, Bullet Hell, Top-Down, Rogue-like, Rogue-lite, Top-Down Shooter, Isometric, Twin Stick Shooter - User tags: Action Roguelike, Difficult, Robots, Cyberpunk, Great Soundtrack, Sci-fi, Violent - Others: Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Co-op, Online Co-Op, Passed Steam verification
$0This game was given away to the public at some point, it might be worthless.
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