Brigador: Up-Armored Edition

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StudioDeveloper: Stellar Jockeys (10), Gausswerks, Publisher: Stellar Jockeys (10)
Base Price$20
Trading Cards6 (details)
Reviews95% Positive (727 reviews)
TagsGenre: Action, Indie, Rogue-like, Isometric - User tags: Mechs, Sci-fi, Great Soundtrack, Cyberpunk, Destruction, Tanks, Dystopian, Retro, Difficult - Others: Singleplayer
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Comments (4)
  • Actions…Lestrade 尚 (June 2nd, 07:39 PM) » Note: Brigador was also in the (otherwise music only) Makeup and Vanity Set bundle at Groupees, in the $10 tier, with a limited number of copies available. Pretty good music, too!
    • Actions…Lestrade 尚 (September 6th, 06:21 PM) » I just found out that Brigador also features a track by Dallas Campbell. He's, like, my synthwave hero, I recently spent months listening ONLY to his music on my phone. Not his best track, but still, best game soundtrack ever :lol:. I need to play it!