Lords of War

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Release Date
StudioWeMakeApp Studio
Base Price$100 (last seen at $1 on Steam)
Reviews60% Positive (16 positive, 10 negative reviews, potentially 61.5%)
TagsGenre: Action, Indie, Strategy, Card Game - Others: Early Access
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Comments (2)
  • Actions…Akylen (January 31st, 12:12 PM) » Most expensive game on Steam?
    • Actions…[Lestrades.com] Nao 尚 (February 1st, 10:44 PM) » Unless you also count DLCs, in which case it's very cheap compared to stuff like Flight Simulator X or Train Simulator... ;) Anyway it's probably a 'trick' to prevent people from buying it. I mean it was bundled for a few dozen cents recently, so..?!