Take command of your own mercenary outfit of 'Mechs and the MechWarriors that pilot them, struggling to stay afloat as you find yourself drawn into a brutal interstellar civil war.
Steam game
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Redeem OnSteam for Windows, Mac, Linux
Release Date
StudioDeveloped by Harebrained Schemes (13)
Published by Paradox Interactive (482)
Base Price$40, seen as low as $10
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Reviews81% Positive (19,300 positive, 4,293 negative, potentially 81.8%)
TagsGenre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Strategy, Turn-Based, Tactical, Management, Turn-Based Tactics - User tags: Mechs, Sci-fi, Turn-Based Strategy, Robots, Space, Character Customization, Futuristic, Story Rich, Great Soundtrack, Difficult - Others: Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Passed Steam verification - Also compatible with: MacOS, Linux
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