Freaky Awesome

Freaky Awesome is a hectic action rogue-lite. You explore a randomly generated old factory, fighting weird monsters and avoiding traps. Toxic wastes will make you mutate, gaining different powers every time. You will need to adapt to your mutations to survive!
Steam game
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Redeem OnSteam for Windows, Mac
Release Date
StudioMandragora (2)
Base Price$10, last seen at $4.9 on Steam, seen as low as $2.5
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Reviews62% Positive (114 positive, 68 negative, potentially 62.6%)
TagsGenre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation, Rogue-like, Rogue-lite - User tags: Replay Value, Difficult, Procedural Generation, Pixel Graphics - Others: Co-op, Steam Cloud, Full controller support - Also compatible with: MacOS
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