Gunstar Heroes

The Gunstar family are the protectors of the planet Gunstar 9. After many years of peace, vicious dictator Colonel Red kidnapped the Gunstar twins’ older brother and used mind control to make him his slave.
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Redeem OnSteam (Pack) for Windows, Mac, Linux
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StudioSEGA (680)
Base Price$1, as high as $3
OwnersLess than 20,000
Reviews100% Positive (12 positive, 0 negative, potentially 100%)
TagsGenre: Action, Platformer, Shoot 'Em Up, Side Scroller - User tags: Classic, 2D, Great Soundtrack, Retro - Others: Local Co-Op, Co-op, Passed Steam verification - Also compatible with: MacOS, Linux
$0This game was given away to the public at some point, it might be worthless.
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