Lobotomy Corporation

Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Simulation
A roguelite monster-management simulation inspired by the likes of the SCP Foundation, Cabin in the Woods, and Warehouse 13. Order your employees to perform work with the creatures and watch as it unfolds; harness greater energy, and expand the facility
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Release Date
StudioProjectMoon (4)
Base Price$25, seen as low as $12.5
Reviews93% Positive (14,446 positive, 950 negative, potentially 93.8%)
TagsGenre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy, RTS, Rogue-like, Rogue-lite, Management, Visual Novel, Psychological Horror - User tags: Difficult, Story Rich, Horror, Great Soundtrack, Gore, 2D, Cute, Anime, Lovecraftian, Atmospheric - Others: Singleplayer, Early Access, Passed Steam verification
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