Evil Genius

Everybody wants to rule the world! Achieve global power with EVIL GENIUS, the one and only complete world domination simulator. All the everyday tasks of the deliciously wicked mastermind are available to experience and master from building your ultra-secret base to developing spectacular super-weapons to carry out your nefarious master...
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StudioDeveloper: Elixir Studios, Publisher: Rebellion (28)
Base Price$10, seen as low as $2.5
Reviews94% Positive (1,870 positive, 98 negative, potentially 95%)
TagsGenre: Simulation, Strategy, RTS, Base-Building, Sandbox, Management, God Game, Real-Time with Pause, Base Building - User tags: Villain Protagonist, Comedy, Parody, Stylized, Funny, Classic, Building, Masterpiece, Great Soundtrack, Colorful - Others: Singleplayer
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