Story Of the Survivor

Story of the Survivor is an action RPG that takes place during a zombie apocalypse. Surviving isn't going to be easy, and zombies aren't the only things to worry about. You must also eat and drink to survive as well as avoid other survivors.
Steam game
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Release Date
StudioDeveloped by Kamil Szczepanik (3), Bartosz Zajkowski (2)
Published by Animakemu Games (3)
Base Price$5, seen as low as $1
Reviews50% Positive (35 positive, 25 negative, potentially 58.3%)
TagsGenre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Action RPG, Survival, RPGMaker - User tags: Zombies, Crafting, Post-apocalyptic, Pixel Graphics, Anime - Others: Passed Steam verification
$0This game was given away to the public at some point, it might be worthless.
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