Rival Fury

A three-dimensional street brawler, expanding the way you fight. Featuring atmospheric side scrolling arenas with unique depth and camera style. An immersive and fast paced gang busting experience. Running at your opponents will help you own the streets and increase your martial arts ability.
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Release Date
StudioDeveloped by Beef Tooth
Published by Bonk'd Games
Base Price$8, seen as low as $6.4
OwnersLess than 20,000
ReviewsN/A (1 positive, 6 negative, potentially 14.3%)
TagsGenre: Action, Casual, Indie, Arcade, Top-Down, Side Scroller, Beat 'em up, 2D Fighter - User tags: 3D Fighter, Spectacle fighter, 2.5D, Anime, Cinematic, Colorful, 3D, Cartoony, Stylized, 1980s, 1990's, Atmospheric - Others: Early Access, Full controller support, Pending Steam verification
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