Plan B from Outer Space: A Bavarian Odyssey

Escape the grasp of the Barbvarians! Plan B from Outer Space is a stellar adventure in the style of an interactive book and takes inspiration from classic science-fiction stories and Bavarian culture. Every decision will affect the outcome of your mission; to leave this strange planet unscathed!
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StudioDeveloped by RobotPumpkin Games (3)
Published by Assemble Entertainment (66)
Base Price$12.5, last seen at $2.5 on Steam
Reviews100% Positive (18 positive, 0 negative, potentially 100%)
TagsGenre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, Exploration, Visual Novel, Word Game, Choose Your Own Adventure, Interactive Fiction, Text-Based - User tags: Aliens, Comedy, Collectathon, 2D, Cartoony, Colorful, Cute, Stylized, Diplomacy, Relaxing, Fantasy, Futuristic, Parody - Others: Passed Steam verification
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