Lucid Soul

A Villain Protagonist, High Fantasy, Horror RPG in which you, Player, will control Scythe and his party of Deathtouched as they take part in a story rich conquest through the world of Trebezia. Gods and Goddesses will try to stop you... but hey you're the villain... and being evil is so. much. fun.
Steam game
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StudioDeveloped by Jon Bookout
Published by Abyss Stares Creations
OwnersLess than 20,000
TagsGenre: Indie, RPG, Top-Down, JRPG, Turn-Based, Tactical RPG, Strategy RPG, Turn-Based Combat, Turn-Based Tactics - User tags: Atmospheric, Mature, Pixel Graphics, Horror, Zombies, Gore, 2D, Fantasy, Anime, Dark Fantasy, Nudity, Turn-Based Strategy - Others: Pending Steam verification - Also compatible with: MacOS
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