Absurbia: A Trashy Satire of Suburban Outcries

An experimental sound novel all about spreading the cancer of transgression and trash. Read through the annals of human excrement that glorifies the worst of humanity. Nothing can save this underground Cult Abomination! Be anointed by utter anarchic depravity from every hole of your wet body!
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StudioDeveloped by Licking Vomit
Published by A Pond of Blue
Base Price$6
OwnersLess than 20,000
TagsGenre: Action, Casual, Indie, Visual Novel, Psychological Horror, Text-Based - User tags: Story Rich, Atmospheric, Gore, Violent, Mystery, Stylized, Anime, Romance, Minimalist, Experimental, Narration, Surreal, Abstract, Psychological, Female Protagonist, Sexual Content, Dark Comedy, Faith, LGBTQ+ - Others: Soundtrack, Pending Steam verification, Adult Only
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