Vessels Of Decay

Vessels of Decay
Vessels of Decay is a retro-inspired action-adventure set in post-apocalyptic Scandinavia. You’ll follow siblings Freja and Mud as they navigate an overgrown world, one where monsters of myth and ancient folklore now reign…
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StudioDeveloped by Simon Jakobsson, Blackdrop Interactive (3)
Published by Blackdrop Interactive (3)
OwnersLess than 20,000
TagsGenre: Action, Adventure, RPG, Puzzle, Action RPG, Hack and Slash, Top-Down, 2D Fighter, Action-Adventure - User tags: Atmospheric, Pixel Graphics, Post-apocalyptic, 2D, Stylized, Narration, Colorful, Linear, Souls-like - Others: Singleplayer, Full controller support, Pending Steam verification - Also compatible with: MacOS, Linux
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