World Soccer Strikers '91 Demo

World Soccer Strikers '91
WSS'91's DEMO is finally out! Action and graphics on par with the arcades! Co-op multiplayer in your own living room! Full version released on August 18th 2021!
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StudioDeveloped by Bipolar Dawn (4)
Published by Meteorbyte Studios (11)
OwnersLess than 20,000
Reviews85% Positive (from 14 users)
TagsGenre: Casual, Sports, Arcade - User tags: Pixel Graphics, Retro, 2D, Cute, Physics, Minimalist, Family Friendly - Others: Singleplayer, Local Co-Op, Multiplayer, Co-op, Team-Based, 4 Player Local, Full controller support, Partial controller support, Local Multiplayer, Pending Steam verification
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