Infected zone

(Alternative name: Zombie craft)
Infected zone 感染之地
In this open world game, you need to survive in the city where a virus just broke out. You could obtain materials for survival and fight by gathering, sowing and trading. Find more fellow players to complete tasks with you to unlock more areas. Finally escape the infected city if you are lucky!
Steam game
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Redeem OnSteam for Windows
Release Date
StudioDeveloped by WAEUNION
Published by RPK-game studio
Base Price$6, as high as $9
OwnersLess than 20,000
Reviews52% Positive (18 positive, 9 negative, potentially 66.7%)
TagsGenre: Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy, Puzzle, Base-Building, Survival, Survival Horror, Top-Down Shooter, Base Building - User tags: Zombies, Open World, Building, Inventory Management, Agriculture, Atmospheric, Pixel Graphics, 2D, Violent, Gore, 2.5D - Others: Singleplayer, Pending Steam verification, Adult Only
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