GEESE vs CTHULHU - a colorful and dynamic story about the magical Geese and the evil Cthulhu. Incredible heroes and unpredictable adventures await you! Play for the three-headed Super Drake! Fight against huge bosses while listening to drive music! Remember that the Geese are watching you...
Steam game
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Release Date
StudioAnatoliy Loginovskikh (40)
Base Price$8
OwnersLess than 20,000
Reviews87% Positive (34 positive, 5 negative, potentially 87.2%)
TagsGenre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Shooter, Top-Down, Top-Down Shooter, Arena Shooter, Action-Adventure - User tags: Spectacle fighter, Character Action Game, Perma Death, Experimental, Surreal, Funny, Narration, Hand-drawn, Comedy, Combat, Masterpiece - Others: Singleplayer, Pending Steam verification
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