The Far Rings: A Space Opera Visual Novella

Play as Doctor Athena, a passionate young woman with mixed alien heritage—and the sole survivor of refugee camp ITOH. Three days remain on the trip 'home'—with only the ship's unsettlingly polite Captain Odysseus and the cryptic alien war criminal Chiron for company. But is everything really as it seems?
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StudioDeveloped by TFR Team - Heiden, aMira, Debbie, and more, Heiden (2), Alicia Mira Kim (AliMira), Debbie Trader (RyeTaran), Mike Morton, Liam, Many other kind helpers!!!
Published by The Far Rings Team
OwnersLess than 20,000
Reviews84% Positive (53 positive, 10 negative, potentially 84.1%)
TagsGenre: Casual, Indie, Visual Novel - User tags: Story Rich, Drama, Sci-fi, Short, Mystery - Others: Free to Play, Pending Steam verification - Also compatible with: MacOS, Linux
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