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[Steam Store] Re: Notable deals
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I'll check Yonder out because I enjoy the exploration even more than the puzzles, to be honest. I will get obduction as soon as I can. Just because it's Cyan. That's reason enough for me. I even read the Myst novels as a kid. I was a little geek.
[Steam Store] Re: Notable deals
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I recommend Stories Untold if you like puzzle games with great atmosphere. It's only $3.39 and worth every penny even though it's only a two-three hour game. I sat and played it all the way through in an afternoon because it held my attention so strongly. It's got an eighties vibe to it with a lot of text-based gaming integrated.

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[Steam Store] Re: Notable deals
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Stories Untold was in a humble monthly, so you can get it through trading, or at least much cheaper than even $2 in value I'd say.

Obduction is about $8 on g2a right now, I.e. less than $10 with their hidden fees (make sure to disable their Shield scam though, otherwise you'll pay $3 for nothing.) It's 30% cheaper than when I bought it there... :(