Bundle: Humble Monthly - April 2019

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  • All games unlocked after bundle close on April 5th.
  • Subscription discounts for multiple month pre-payments.
  • 10% Off purchases at Humble store.
  • Access to Humble Trove of DRM-Free and Humble Original games.
Single Tier ($12)
Comments (2)
  • Actions…Gelweo (April 5th, 09:39 PM) » She Remembered Caterpillars was in the care Package, so I don't know if it coun't as a standard bundle because of its price ... As for for Minit, it is a cool game :)
  • Actions…[Lestrades.com] Nao 尚 (April 5th, 07:23 PM) » TWO rebundles in the same Monthly..? I don't know if that's a first, but I don't think the early unlocks were good enough to justify for the concealed rebundles, lol. Well, at least the new one has AC Origins in it... Even as a UPlay key, it's cooler.