Bundle: Humble Monthly - October 2017

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Full bundle unveiled on October 6, 2017. Bundle subscription includes 10% off all purchases at Humble Store. Bundle subscription includes access to "Humble Trove," a selection of Humble originals and DRM-free games.
Single Tier ($12)
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  • Actions…Lestrade 尚 (December 8th, 03:34 PM) » Getting Over It added to Steam keys. (Don't know when this happened, but it's being released today on Steam so I suppose it's related.)
  • Actions…I DO KNOW JACK (October 10th, 02:13 PM) » This is my first sub bundle and it's awesome...honestly $12 for Tomb Raider alone is worth it plus I got 3 WL'd games and tons of DRMfree stuff
  • Actions…Lestrade 尚 (October 6th, 07:21 PM) » Great bundle, to say the least!
    • Actions…/u/humpaaa (October 8th, 01:16 AM) » One of the best monthlys ever
      • Actions…Lestrade 尚 (October 8th, 10:36 AM) » definitely in the top 5. I don't remember all of them but the first one is still hard to beat! (even though some of its games got rebundled a lot but that's the fate of most bundles.)