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The Noble Talk

Feel free to talk about anything and everything in this room. Please keep it above the waist, though.

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The Illustrious Idea

Do you have any ideas to share that you think could make the site experience even better? Feel free to share them here!

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The Fatal Problem

Did someone forget to refill your glass? Does the bartender automaton look at you saying '500, internal server error' repeatedly? Call the janitor, report your site bugs!

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The Trader Club
The Dancing Players

Games are the stuff our trades are made of. Why play them, though, when you can talk about them instead?

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The Trader's Clerk

Topics about trading in general.

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The Detective League

Did your investigations lead you to a good deal? Share it with fellow detectives. Let us know about obscure bundles and games, pre-orders and interesting sales in general.

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A Scandal in Minutia

Trading fundamentally requires trust; user reputation is a tool to help with that. When all else fails and a finger needs to be pointed, the tribunal shall decide.

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