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Declined From Kakhi
Kakhi said: Ok, no problems, thanks. ^^ Sorry for the troubles.
Declined From (Sosa)Wayne
(Sosa)Wayne said: =(((
Completed From Laser Bones
Declined From poquiosmariachi
Declined From AyalaNaylo
AyalaNaylo said: I actually don't know about Humble tiers, do you mean tiers of Humble Monthly? Because I'm not registered to that so I don't really know. Thanks anyway :)
Declined From ZeroClaws
Completed From tAnt0
Declined To AyalaNaylo
Declined From AyalaNaylo
Canceled To Cult of 62
Declined From Martin - ICS
Declined From El_fummy
Declined From Revadike
Canceled To Buey
Declined From Marte720
Marte720 said: no problem. have a nice day :)
Completed From AyalaNaylo
Canceled From Capo
Capo said: Understood, so I'll pass, thanks for your quick reply. =)
Completed From AyalaNaylo
Canceled To Rahzadan
Completed From CUE
Completed From [ELF]
[ELF] said: Sorry, I misunderstood you first time you told about verdun and mirage, I thought you were offering me those )
Canceled To r3tr0k3r
Canceled To r3tr0k3r
Declined To MHR
Declined From KIller_Bee
Declined To Arma
Canceled To BlackDraft
Declined From BlackDraft
BlackDraft said: Just picked a couple of other games I'm a bit more interested in. Couldn't select Beyond Eyes, Dashing Dinos and Screencheat, but those would be fine, too. Let me know if any of them works for you.
Declined From [Lestrades.com] Nao 尚
[Lestrades.com] Nao 尚 said: (Can do 3:1 for the first 3 in the list, I guess. I'm still on the fence whether or not I'll buy the bundle.)
Canceled To ⎛⎝carboncoffee⎠⎞
Completed From J1rk4
Canceled To n_mally
Canceled To Momo1991
Declined From ❤Сухая Как Вода❤
Canceled From Arma
Declined From ßlabe
Canceled To Doktor Schliemann
Canceled From Rudian
Canceled To Mizuki Kaito
Declined To ghostzer0
Declined From Kamic
Kamic said: I see. It's too bad that I only have the 4 games on your wishlist.
Completed From ACD Gametame.com Idle-empire.com
Completed From AyalaNaylo
Canceled From Mark.Rose
Completed From boloxer (1:1 sets, 14 cards/set)
Declined To Akylen
Akylen said: Welcome back! Sadly I lost interest on this. I think VN hasn't grown on me :(
Declined From Akylen
Completed From ccpkben
Completed From n_mally
n_mally said: offer completed
Declined From CommunistPotatoo