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Quote from []Nao 尚 on March 29th, 04:02 PM
IIRC, I removed the ability to multi-select blacklist items because I couldn't find a worthwhile use of the popup for it. However, mass removal is a problem, but I usually discourage against it (not ethically, of course, but selfishly) because emptying tons of items then re-adding them (e.g. importing them again) will create gaps in the database, and I originally wanted to be able to account for billions of entries in the database without having to worry about people needlessly cluttering it with empty space, making it slower, or in the case of a 'modern' database engine, simply leaving IDs unused in the database (and I hate using hashes as IDs, so there you go.)

If you didn't get it, it's normal. It's not supposed to be very clear.
I can delete your entire blacklist if that's what you want, but if you just want to update it, please tell me what's wrong with the importer..?
I would like my blacklist deleted please. Initially I just had that blacklist to stop the worthless game spam mostly at Barter, but it turned out to be more effective to just (temporarily) block individuals such disbarras/manjichiba there as most people do not engage in that kind of spam anyway. Not that I like to put anyone on ignore, but it worked out in that select instance and I guess that blacklists are not really necessary to prevent that as if I am not mistaken the focus is also more on wishlisted games at Lestrades. All in all generally I prefer not to work with ignore lists such as Barter offers as it tends to lead to lots of ignores that often then become permanent when there is no need and some of them can be caused over minor events.

I guess it is just an experiment on my side to see if more trades / more flexible trades are possible this way (without the blacklist) without getting involved in excessive spam. All in all it sounds a bit silly as I suppose I was initially one of the supporters of the blacklist in the first place, so for that I must apologise.
Maybe I overlooked it, but I was wondering if there is a way to clear the entire blacklist. For some reason I cannot find it. I can clear the blacklist one game at a time, but not in its entirety in quick fashion. Not a big deal generally if I did not have thousands of games in my blacklist.

At Barter I initially used to want the blacklist to stop cheap worthless game offer spam as I did not really want to ignore anyone, but now that I have it, I suppose I am wondering if I might actually be able to trade more by being a bit more flexible with what can be accepted in a trade (even if I already have it).
It seems the issue has more or less been resolved across the board. Perhaps some less active members might still get scammed, but I guess trading can once again commence.
It does seem that those with locked accounts are helped first (besides the certainty that nothing can get stolen that way), so if nothing else it seems to speed up the resolution process. Steam probably marks those as higher priority issues.


If you get hit by this, try to lock down the account quickly. Apparently items that do not go through the Steam community market are being drained (like for example Rocket League items). It also resulted in a VAC ban for Rust for someone, so try to stop it as quickly as possible if you do get your account stolen.


lupuscaucasus also has his account stolen. In my list it seems quite a few people got it resolved already. It is mostly Fizz and lupuscaucasus (in my friendslist) who still need help to get their account back.
Posted: February 13th, 11:46 AM

Update: Fizz got it resolved as well. In my friendlist it is now just Lupuscaucasus who still has a hijacked account.
Quote from Akylen on February 13th, 01:17 AM
Sounds frustrating as hell. Thanks for letting us know the outcome. If they did that even with 2FA, that's super alarming. Glad you got your account back without prejudice though.
Have you notified Steam to improve their security practices regarding 2FA? And it's like you said, the lock should be immediately available from your old email.

Just so I understand, did you have to create a new account to communicate with steam support or did you go through all of that using links in your email?
The thing with 2FA was that I entered those details at that website.....sometimes the cookies need to be updated or something like that, but handing over that info on that website was enough to gain access to everything. So in that sense it is like Nao says best to never enter the actual 2FA details on any site that is not 100% trusted.

I did not have to create a new account. I got three emails. One that my Steam Guard was removed. One that my phone number connected to Steam was removed. The third one indicated that my email address was changed. This last one has a link to regain account ownership. It requires details of Paypal or bank payments involving Steam purchases and a Steam key that was activated on your account.....the more information provided....the faster they are able to help I think. So in my case I fairly quickly was able to send this ownership matter to Steam......about 25 minutes after I lost my account. At that point I did not know that completely locking down an account was an option, so that happened about three hours later from the moment of the hijack. It does seem that locking down an account still does not lock everything. I notice some other victims of this are still spamming messages, even though they have locked down their accounts. At least locking down the accounts should provide greater certainty that no items will be missing even if Steam happens to take longer than 15 days to resolve this matter (although they seem to be working very hard to solve this in 1-2 days per case).
Quote from AJ on February 12th, 11:59 PM
Quote from Pika! Pika! on February 12th, 10:26 PM
...I entered those details at the scam website and with it, the attacker was able to change the phone number and email attached to my account in less than a minute.
First, thank you for reporting the newest situation to the public and congratulation on your account recovery.

So, what you mean is, within a minute, the Steam Guard code that your provided is the same and the attackers can use it to replace the phone number and email attached to the account with their own ones and then cancel the Steam Guard by their phone number or email rather than using the Steam Guard on the original account owner's cellphone?
Yes, they use that Steam guard code against you...the entire process is automated. They first remove the Steam Guard, then they remove the phone number associated to one's account and then they change the email associated to one's account, so then one is basically shut out out of one's own account and all in less than one minute. Luckily Steam sends a few emails to notify you about the changes and one of them allows for account recovery options, but as previously stated the account recovery options unfortunately do not provide an immediate emergency account least in my case (or maybe I was not focused properly on getting that done as quickly as possible). All in all I think the Steam layout can be improved, so that emergency account lock immediately pops up. Then again, the lock is not all urgent in itself as the changes should trigger a community ban which keeps one's items safe for 15 days.....the issue in this case is that it would help if links cannot be sent to friends for let's say three days in case an email or phone number recently changed. In regards to that community ban it was a bit strange though as it was first activated and then it was seemed that it was removed a while later and then I think I had to reactivate it again.....maybe it was a display error, but it felt a bit like a battle for control of the account between me and the hijacker.....not sure how that community ban could have been temporaririly probably was a display error as nothing was removed from my account.

I think after 2 - 3 hours the hijacked account also started sending out the scammy link to others and thereby propagate it to others. Took me about 3 hours before I was finally able to lock my account, so by then the hijacked account had already sent out two spam messages.
I just got my account back. Sorry for the spam if you were in my friendslist.

Just to clarify: It seems various 7 - 15 day community bans got triggered in my case (which means that no trading / market functions are available). A new Steam Guard phone number triggers a 15 day community ban and removes all items up for sale back into your inventory. So in short if your account is still stolen, you highly likely have not lost anything at all just like me (except for time to resolve it and probably people in your friendslist who did not want to receive the spam). It is however important to get that account locked and then the details of the ownership submitted as otherwise those items and anything else of value can be stolen in 15 days time. Getting that account locked can be a bit tricky as Steam will not consistenly provide the same options. Initially Steam was demanding that I logged in to lock my account which was rather impossible when I had no control over my account. Only later on Steam noticed many logins on my account and then I got the ability to lock down the account completely and generate a Steam unlock code (which I actually did not have to use, but best to still write that code down properly).

Another clarification: I did have 2FA, but I entered those details at the scam website and with it, the attacker was able to change the phone number and email attached to my account in less than a minute.
My Steam account just got stolen, so please do not engage in any trades with me until resolved. Some Russian currently has it. Just letting you know whilst I can still login to some Steam related platforms. I got a link via a 'friend' and logged in with my Steam credentials there and next thing I knew my Steam Guard phone number was removed and a Russian phone number came into its place. I think it happened via a website link sent to me by a user in my friendslist called Teldango, but I better be careful in my allegations I cannot login anymore, I cannot be 100% sure and then the question still remains whether this individual is in control of his account or whether it was also compromised. At any rate, do not engage in any trades with me until I manage to get my account back. Not sure how long it usually takes Steam to resolve such matters.
The Detective League / Re: Humble Bundles
« on October 9th, 2018, 10:50 PM »
Quote from []Nao 尚 on October 9th, 2018, 08:40 PM
I'm wondering if this is a first..? The new weekly bundle only has a $10 tier.

Also, it has Phantom Brave in it. Well worth the purchase! I was given the game over a year ago and really enjoyed finishing it.
From the way I see it, Humble Bundle has become a lot more profit focused since they were taken over. The same thing can be seen with those Humble Store promotions with supposedly free games (of which all keys were gone) only to boost the sales of the Humble Store. In the past the focus was on quality. I have been bugging them for a while to at least remove the keys of free games that expired and free games of which they no longer have keys when sorting one's list of keys for the 'unused keys', but these unremovable 'free things' keep cluttering up that list. Obviously they no longer care about providing an optimal user service or they fired the best programmer that Humble Bundle had with that take over.
The Detective League / Re: Humble Bundles
« on October 7th, 2018, 04:34 PM »
Quote from Akylen on October 7th, 2018, 02:58 PM
Quote from Pika! Pika! on October 6th, 2018, 06:29 PM
I noticed that at if you open up the alpha and the beta bundle there via 'view more' that both will redirect to the beta bundle, so that has to do with it. They linked incorrectly, so I assume you simply added the first bundle to the basket or opened the alpha bundle there via 'view more' and then the beta bundle popped up which you bought. Especially for those who just add the product to their basket, they probably do not realise that GreenManGaming linked incorrectly. The proof is right on their own website. It is indeed very deceptive.
I am wondering how did you know about the bundle? Couldn't find the link to it in any of the menus. Surprised they have such good bundles.
I think it was announced here a while back:
The Detective League / Re: Humble Bundles
« on October 6th, 2018, 06:29 PM »
Quote from []Nao 尚 on October 6th, 2018, 05:30 PM
Not my kind of game, but yeah it'd probably make for a good present for kids...

Also, unrelated but I just bought the game charity bundle 'alpha' from GMG, with MGS5 Phantom Pain in it, and they didn't provide that bundle at all (possibly a bug in their website). And now they're refusing to refund because they didn't 'hide' the keys they sent me. Lol... Bunch of bullies! They don't want to refund something I didn't order? Well then if this doesn't get settled, I'll simply ban them from the bundle page entirely. I don't take scammers lightly.... Especially when it's for 'charity'!
I noticed that at if you open up the alpha and the beta bundle there via 'view more' that both will redirect to the beta bundle, so that has to do with it. They linked incorrectly, so I assume you simply added the first bundle to the basket or opened the alpha bundle there via 'view more' and then the beta bundle popped up which you bought. Especially for those who just add the product to their basket, they probably do not realise that GreenManGaming linked incorrectly. The proof is right on their own website. It is indeed very deceptive.
A Scandal in Minutia / Re: Beleidigung/insult
« on February 4th, 2018, 12:10 AM »
He even insulted the admin and creator of this trading platform. 'ReDiR' might be 'redirected' to the void for future trading opportunities. At the moment he seems to have been banned for one week, but next time (if there is a next time) it will be permanent from what I understand.
The Detective League / [Steam Store] Re: Notable deals
« on December 22nd, 2017, 07:09 PM »
I like the price of Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition and System Crash....they are at the lowest price ever too, but these are games that are not likely to ever become really really cheap.....they are still about 6-7 euros each.
The Illustrious Idea / Re: Suggestions
« on December 11th, 2017, 03:49 PM »
I think Indiegala bundles are listed as ending one week sooner than they actually are. For example:

I do not mind, but I thought you would perhaps want to know.
The Illustrious Idea / Re: Suggestions
« on December 8th, 2017, 08:31 AM »
Is it perhaps an idea to display all the matches with inactive users at the bottom of the matches page instead of inbetween active users? This would provide less clutter when perusing the lists of traders who are most likely to provide a response, whilst still offering to possibility to trade with inactive users.

I really like the way how rarity can be ascertained from colour when matching by the way. That is a very smart and great improvement.