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Capo said: Can also do Virginia for Dark Souls 3
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MHR said: Gift link plz.  : )
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[Lestrades.com] Nao 尚 said: Added a bunch of your tradables to my wishlist, just in case you'd like to do a proper trade for KMJ! It's not worth $23 overall (to me anyway) but I'm not saying I won't settle for less than $23 ;) (wink wink!)
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Capo said: Ahah, I did it instantly, thanks for the advice.
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mac420 said: Either is fine.. in the meantime I've added you on Steam..
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[Lestrades.com] Nao 尚 said: Interfere? I simply checked your 2 offers, they're public you know? Like on your beloved Barter. It's not fair to get a $10 game in exchange for games you actually paid MORE than $30 to get, *even* if they were in a bundle. Since when is a tier 3 worth nothing? Just go away now. I don't want you to bully newcomers like you do. You're a scammer and you know it. You disgust me.
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steenbreker said: You try fair, maybe. But it is not enough for a Steam-Gift  that includes both Ori Versions. My is lowest 9.99 at steam. What has cost yours in bundles?! This is my valuation. And I don't care about G2A Prices, as many try to argue ;)
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[Lestrades.com] Nao 尚 said: Well, good to know eheh! Yeah I like my work on bundles too. I've got more plans for them, but I'm overwhelmed by my to-do list right now. ;) (Or maybe I'm too obsessed with Twin Peaks #12 coming tonight... Hmm......)
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