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Completed To AyalaNaylo
AyalaNaylo said: Thanks for the offer :) Added you on steam.
Declined To pol | xygaming.com
Declined From ❤Сухая Как Вода❤
Declined To pol | xygaming.com
Declined To ❤Сухая Как Вода❤
Declined From rafa.vb
Declined To rafa.vb
Declined From Capo
Capo said: I've trade The Black Death  2 days ago.
Completed To nick_kharkov
Completed To chaosfrost
Declined To Capo
Canceled From hybrid
Declined From 󠀡|F|ábio-|G|anga
Declined To HAKIMODO
Declined To emtilt
Completed From Bujica
Declined From KIller_Bee
Canceled From duffman313
Declined From Milouze
Milouze said: I am offering 2 sacks
Declined From whiteblack
Declined To whiteblack
Completed To A1ice[useless]
Canceled To Lex
Canceled To StormSonic
Completed To mennoberg
Completed To r3tr0k3r
r3tr0k3r said: It's Minion Masters December 2016 Humble Monthly
Canceled To izd
Canceled To Quantum
Declined To girolamocastaldo
girolamocastaldo said: Haven't got my premium minions anymore, sorry
Declined To Hyperduel
Declined To solarfun
solarfun said: Fair offer, just not interested in this trade
Declined From StormSonic
Declined From rodobodolfo
Completed From [Lestrades.com] Nao 尚
[Lestrades.com] Nao 尚 said: hi! thanks, I'll get back to you tomorrow. I haven't redeemed your gift link yet just FYI.
Declined From dasding
Completed From Lex
Lex said: Hey. I received Trash TV in a trade from someone else. Is there a different game you'd be willing to trade?
Canceled From BloodyAstartes
Declined From pb
Completed From ßlabe