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From jotapdiez
From FnordScored23
In The Dark
for 1 of these 2 :Ascender, Dark Train
Unread To ByLeoN
Declined To ❤Сухая Как Вода❤
❤Сухая Как Вода❤ said: Hidden object and VN=> Very low interesting for me. Sorry if my "lol" insulting for you.  I do not want to insult anyone.
Canceled To idisyesterday
Declined From AyalaNaylo
AyalaNaylo said: I understand, no problam.
Canceled From FnordScored23
Declined To FnordScored23
Canceled From AyalaNaylo
Canceled To andrespalo
Canceled To Momo1991
Canceled To oTRONo
Canceled To 𝓥𝓪𝓵𝓮𝓷
Canceled To Nebuchadnezzar II
Canceled To elimS
Canceled To SpanneR_RingS
Declined From 兜 甲児
兜 甲児 said: Ok, thanks for the piece of knowledge. I'll keep it in mind next time
Declined To A Pocketful of Stars
A Pocketful of Stars said: I'm sure Eventide is! I go by have/want ratio to figure out fair trades, though, and I've been offered Humble Monthly exclusives for Tokyo 42, so I'll be keeping it. Thanks for the offer!
Declined To jm24cule
Declined From AyalaNaylo
Canceled To r3tr0k3r
r3tr0k3r said: Sorry.. I already gift this game at steamgifts and forget to delete it from my tradable list =(
Canceled To r3tr0k3r
Declined From Alex Idle-Empire.comGametame.com
Alex Idle-Empire.comGametame.com said: There is any problem with the offer? You said that you would have taken a 3:1 easily
Canceled From Ragnaval
Canceled To idisyesterday
Canceled To ByLeoN
Declined To Kitschyitch
Canceled From Alex Idle-Empire.comGametame.com
Declined From duffman313
Declined From Ragnaval
Ragnaval said: Ok, I wait for trade :)
Declined To duffman313
Declined To CTNelson
Declined From MJunioR
Declined From RikkiUW
Canceled From V4RI4NCE
V4RI4NCE said: any thoughts on this????
Canceled From Cim
Cim said: Sorry, I found someone else that wanted to do the trade.
Canceled From Baez90
Declined From Girl Hoover
Declined From [Star Singularity] SWYM
Declined To [Star Singularity] SWYM
Declined To Chrono X
Chrono X said: Thanks for the offer but I unfortunately I do not own the base game :) Also I do not know what you mean by BVG. Thanks for the offer.
Declined To Pika! Pika!
Pika! Pika! said: Thanks for the offer, but I try to trade the few high tier games I have for other high tiers as otherwise I have no way of getting some top priority games on my wishlist, so sorry, but I have to decline your offer.
Declined To Kamic
Kamic said: Yeah, it's a region-locked gift, not key. Thanks for the offer.
Canceled From Corvo_Ex
Declined From A Pocketful of Stars
Declined To Fail Session
Declined To LMonster
Declined From LMonster
Canceled From Lelouch_LamperUn
Declined To mientus83
Declined To BlackDraft
Canceled From /u/humpaaa
Declined To BarbaricGenie
BarbaricGenie said: Can we work with one of my games at a time so that it's easier to follow the offer. Is also cause I'm not certain as to whether I've used the keys I have for setsuna or not so with separate offers, only the offer for setsuna may fail while the others would be ok, if you get what I mean. And dont worry about prey, we can work with just nier and setsuna. I can send an offer maybe later today (it's 3 am now for me) for nier. Do you want me to send a new one for setsuna or are we editing the old offer?