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Canceled From Haf
Canceled From Akylen
Akylen said: Hmmm no worries. The bulk of the offer is on Megadimension, so it would always look unfair.
Canceled From Hollow_Point
Completed From relaxo60
Completed To Teklo
Completed From Saintevil
Canceled From Corvo_Ex
Declined From Kakhi
Declined To ChO
Declined To Marte720
Declined From cowbutt6
cowbutt6 said: I'm actually after all the DLC that goes with it, if you have it to trade.
Declined From impaler0815
Declined From Revadike
Completed To Revadike
Revadike said: I've been trying to reach you through steam
Canceled From ☾ C 4 S T L 3 ☽
Declined To Martin - ICS
Declined To Adzik
Canceled From Marte720
Canceled From Svecka
Declined From ☾ C 4 S T L 3 ☽
Canceled From cam
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Canceled From /Vertigo////
Declined To Alex Idle-Empire.comGametame.com
Declined From Alex Idle-Empire.comGametame.com
Completed From Kakhi
Kakhi said: Bon, j'en aie trouvé au moins un qui ne devrait pas être un filler, après édition de l'offre. :) ( Pour l'ancienne offre avec rpg maker, je préférerais en rediscuter, étant donné que la copie d'Overwatch demandée ne m'aurait pas été destinée. Pour répondre là dessus, je peux par contre affirmer que les copies de ce jeu sont très demandés, et souvent contre des offres intéressantes. )
Declined From Marte720
Marte720 said: even for gris?
Declined From Corvo_Ex
Declined To ByLeoN
Declined To Capo
Declined To FnordScored23
Declined From FnordScored23
Declined From AyalaNaylo
AyalaNaylo said: Sorry, I forgot about it, there was nothing done in foul purpose.
Completed From Gelweo
Declined From Abaction
Completed From jotapdiez
Declined From TheLeon1897
Declined From Smythe
Smythe said: Nice to see admin following the rules. I trade for games I'm interested in, not profit.
Declined To ❤Сухая Как Вода❤
❤Сухая Как Вода❤ said: Hidden object and VN=> Very low interesting for me. Sorry if my "lol" insulting for you.  I do not want to insult anyone.
Canceled To idisyesterday
Declined From AyalaNaylo
AyalaNaylo said: I understand, no problam.
Canceled From FnordScored23
Declined To FnordScored23
Canceled From AyalaNaylo
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