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ุ said: Feel free to add me if you want it for your own account, for some reason it's the only thing left from the Neptunia bundle.
Canceled From TheSubterfuge
Declined From Gelweo
Gelweo said: Pas de problèmes c'était juste au cas où ;)
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Completed To nick_kharkov
Completed To nick_kharkov
nick_kharkov said: game sent on steam chat
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BlackDraft said: I've looked, but there's nothing I really want among the games you've offered.
Declined To 󠀡|F|ábio-|G|anga
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Declined From Gelweo
Gelweo said: Bon, j'ai pas encore fini de refaire une offre, je continue ça plus tard...
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Kakhi said: Hello :) Ok, oui, c'est mieux ainsi. ( Et j'ai un peu modifiée mon offre, en attendant...)
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conveXion said: Hey, yeah I sent a message through Steam
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ACD Gametame.com Idle-empire.com said: Would you trade any of your games from my wishlist for Don't Disturb?
Canceled From cam
cam said: Yes, I have tried that. Here is the list: https://i.imgur.com/bvMJ3j8.png (There were other games that could not be added from that list, but I manually added them via the "Add to library" button on the game page, but these remaining games have no "Add to Library" button on the game pages either.) Addtionally, I cannot remove lestrades.com/game/68217/ from my library
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Akylen said: Hmmm no worries. The bulk of the offer is on Megadimension, so it would always look unfair.
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cowbutt6 said: I'm actually after all the DLC that goes with it, if you have it to trade.
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Revadike said: I've been trying to reach you through steam
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