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Declined From wiltsar
Declined From PureMagic
Canceled From WraithTDK [TBTPs!]
WraithTDK [TBTPs!] said: The only match I could find to my list was this and COD: WWII, and I didn't think I had a shot at that game. I supposed I could have just held on to it, but I'm not really an avid trader. I probably would have just forgotten I had the damned thing. At least I got *something* out of this.
Declined To ChO
Declined From YogX
Declined From InsertMoreCoins
Declined From YogX
Completed From Kakhi
Canceled To Kalves
Canceled From Mortech
Mortech said: no worries, these games are of limited interest to me too because or age/sale cost/abundance, but if it's not good for you I will cancel the offer, thanks anyway
Declined To brawlhalla is zware aids
Declined To brawlhalla is zware aids
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Declined From Banny
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Declined To pol | REPEAT.GG
pol | REPEAT.GG said: sorry allready own them.
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Declined From sadasdassdad
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Declined To jm24cule
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Declined To Milouze
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Declined To klikzg
klikzg said: Traded those & got a far better deal than yours.
Declined To FnordScored23
FnordScored23 said: Oh, yeah - you're right, it really is the wrong game. Thanks for the hint! ;)
Completed To nick_kharkov
Canceled From Douzeju
Douzeju said: Le trade ne t'intéresse toujours aps donc ? :)
Canceled To amit7200
amit7200 said: sure! i will connect to steam tonight
Completed From Fatality
Declined To brawlhalla is zware aids
Declined To ❤Сухая Как Вода❤
❤Сухая Как Вода❤ said: Many thanks
Completed From Douzeju
Douzeju said: Surely better now !