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From Gelweo
From 67davor
From Martin - ICG
Pending To clavius
Unread To Kitschyitch
Pending To Fail Session
Declined To pol | REPEAT.GG
pol | REPEAT.GG said: sorry allready own them.
Declined From SideShow Bob Gameodds.gg
Declined From X4N
Declined To rafa.vb
Declined From Serphallen
Declined To s3rxus
Completed From Kakhi
Declined From YuK!0
Declined From Cristianplay
Declined From Cristianplay
Declined From jm24cule
Declined To jm24cule
Declined From Milouze
Declined To Milouze
Completed To Merdümgiriz
Declined To klikzg
klikzg said: Traded those & got a far better deal than yours.
Declined To FnordScored23
FnordScored23 said: Oh, yeah - you're right, it really is the wrong game. Thanks for the hint! ;)
Completed To nick_kharkov
Canceled From Douzeju
Douzeju said: Le trade ne t'intéresse toujours aps donc ? :)
Canceled To amit7200
amit7200 said: sure! i will connect to steam tonight
Completed From Fatality
Declined To brawlhalla is zware aids
Declined To ❤Сухая Как Вода❤
❤Сухая Как Вода❤ said: Many thanks
Completed From Douzeju
Douzeju said: Surely better now !
Canceled From Zeronoas
Declined From Douzeju
Declined To Martin - ICG
Declined To nick_kharkov
Completed From Kakhi
Declined From STEVE
Canceled From Gelweo
Declined To Mortech
Mortech said: sorry, I've traded most of those games already, needed to update my list here. I have tangledeep, but wouldn't want to trade for those games at the moment. Thanks for the offer though.
Canceled From Professor THC
Canceled From Chocoloustic
Declined To ❤Сухая Как Вода❤
Completed To Arma
Completed From
ุ said: Feel free to add me if you want it for your own account, for some reason it's the only thing left from the Neptunia bundle.
Canceled From TheSubterfuge
Declined From Gelweo
Gelweo said: Pas de problèmes c'était juste au cas où ;)
Declined To ❤Сухая Как Вода❤
Declined From genkipro
Declined From ☭ Ꮓ00☧◯✖
Declined From STEVE
Declined From Gelweo
Declined To rafa.vb
Completed To nick_kharkov
Completed To nick_kharkov
Completed To nick_kharkov
nick_kharkov said: game sent on steam chat
Declined To BlackDraft
BlackDraft said: I've looked, but there's nothing I really want among the games you've offered.
Declined To 󠀡|F|ábio-|G|anga