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From TheRealMW
TheRealMW said: edited it. I'm used to barter where the default is 1 (as you can see this is my first trade here). also, that's totally fair, I was trying to give some options. will note that I have been trading for two weeks maybe so I dunno how individual folks value games in offers (I for one am just interested in store price for games I am personally interested in). if you want, you can counter, if not--totally fair and have a nice one.
From Will -
From GoblinBox
GoblinBox said: Ah, all good, just wanted to be sure haha. I can definitely relate to being busy atm
Pending To ❤Сухая Как Вода❤
Declined From TheGameMaster 2000 [gamehag.com]
Completed To Mark.Rose
Declined To nick_kharkov
Declined From TheGameMaster 2000 [gamehag.com]
Declined From ÐemøN
Declined From Banny
Declined From hbguru
Canceled From hbguru
Canceled From haundav
Completed From Samurai Vader
Samurai Vader said: I'd rather get Fabric then. Added you. :)
Declined From klikzg
Canceled To Yuuta
Declined From FabVindictae
Declined From Fatality
Canceled From ×Kubabubaa.
Declined From Smash_UK
Declined From Banny
Declined From P𝔦𝔫𝔥𝔢𝔞𝔡
Declined To Raggart
Canceled From ÐemøN
Completed To Thwnklr
Thwnklr said: Smoothest trade I've had in a while!
Canceled To [CPC] Graouu
Declined From Thwnklr
Thwnklr said: feel free to counter offer
Canceled From Kakhi
Declined From Solomon
Declined From Sv. Prolivije
Declined From Maharishi
Declined From PestoPancake
Declined From Yuuta
Declined From Banny
Canceled From Zolivv
Declined From yakacolik
Canceled To Devinity
Declined From wiltsar
Declined From PureMagic
Canceled From WraithTDK [TBTPs!]
WraithTDK [TBTPs!] said: The only match I could find to my list was this and COD: WWII, and I didn't think I had a shot at that game. I supposed I could have just held on to it, but I'm not really an avid trader. I probably would have just forgotten I had the damned thing. At least I got *something* out of this.
Declined To ChO
Declined From YogX
Declined From InsertMoreCoins
Declined From YogX
Completed From Kakhi
Canceled To Kalves
Canceled From Mortech
Mortech said: no worries, these games are of limited interest to me too because or age/sale cost/abundance, but if it's not good for you I will cancel the offer, thanks anyway
Declined To brawlhalla is zware aids
Declined To brawlhalla is zware aids
Declined To Mortech
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Declined From Banny