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May 19th, 03:26 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » There's nothing I absolutely want on your side either, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't enjoy trading with you ;)
May 17th, 09:03 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » Do you have time to offer me a deal for at least a couple of the games I asked for..? (Except for Puzzle Chambers, I just had an offer accepted with it.)
May 16th, 08:09 AM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » (Open to adjustments, but overall seems like a fair one.)
May 11th, 11:14 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » I believe both of the games you're asking for are worth on the gray market more than the full price of yours... Please choose a better match..?
May 11th, 07:21 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » They were in a 13 for $2 bundle, so I think it'd be fair to have more games, I'll just settle on two because I have an extra copy of Aritana anyway and I'm glad to help. ;)
May 11th, 07:17 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » En termes de modif tu as juste supprimé l'un des choix, que je n'aurais pas pris de toute manière. ;-)
May 11th, 12:40 AM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » Tiens voilà, du coup j'ai amélioré Lestrade's, maintenant il affiche un drapeau à côté du nom du trader s'il a indiqué son pays dans son profil. :) Ca ne prend pas en compte la confidentialtié du paramètre, mais... Je m'en tamponne un peu, on est sur un site sur lequel c'est mieux d'avoir ce genre d'information !
May 10th, 11:06 AM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » It's even weirder that we're both speaking English when we're both French. :-P
May 8th, 11:21 AM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » I don't suppose you have the Carcassonne DLC to offer..? (It's a little weird discussing Carcassonne in English when I'm French and it's a French city...)
May 3rd, 12:40 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » I love that when you redeem those games, Epic Games tells you there's no stopping progress... Except they started by giving away valuable games (Subnautica, Edith Finch...), then progressively started to give away games that everyone has had on Steam for ages, e.g. Super Meat Boy or World of Goo: if anyone wants them today, they can just trade for them on Lestrade's and they'll get them dirt cheap (Goo has a 48:18 ratio here). Who wants to play on the Epic store right now..? It has 1% of the Steam store's benefits. At best.
May 2nd, 12:41 AM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » Despite the low rating for City, I'll heartily recommend it. One of my 10 most played games on Steam, and by far my favorite LEGO game. LEGO Worlds is also weird and possibly worth the purchase. I'm just not convinced with the game post-tutorial. (But I enjoyed said tutorial.)
May 2nd, 12:25 AM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » On peut toujours faire une offre après, si tu veux.
May 1st, 02:54 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » Je ne sais pas si tu continues à la faire, ou si tu as terminé..? Pour Carcassonne, tu as le DLC ou pas ? Je crois qu'il y en a un... Pas primordial, mais bon...
April 24th, 01:01 AM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » Dunno if you noticed that I accepted, eh..?
April 20th, 10:50 AM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » @Raggart> I liked having it remain as 'invation', because it just gave people an idea of how much the developers were careful with their baby... ::)
April 12th, 10:09 AM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » Ratios! Also, already own Sniper.
April 10th, 05:55 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » Ratios are too different. Can you offer something else, like Cogs?
April 9th, 05:59 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » So... Don't want anything else..?
April 9th, 05:52 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » Wasn't checking on my offers until now, sorry!
April 9th, 05:51 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » Alors en fait j'ai déjà l'OST de Tangledeep (don't ask!), je l'ai rajouté à ma biblio ici pour être plus clair. Il n'y a que Smallworld qui m'intéresse un tant soit peu ici (je ne fais plus du tout de collectionnite depuis l'an dernier je le crains !), et JC3 je l'ai déjà, mais je me dis que si j'y joue un jour, je serai quand même content d'avoir tous les DLC... Hmm. Difficile.