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June 20th, 11:54 AM Actions…Nao 尚 » Couldn't bother to find a more fine-tuned offer with multiple entries. ;-)
April 15th, 03:55 PM Actions…Nao 尚 » I can do this if you like. Otherwise, we can just cancel. I'm in no hurry, either way.
February 28th, 2023, 09:38 PM Actions…Nao 尚 » I paid for that game full price, and it's really great, I completed it twice, it's worth more than a single CSGO key to me :-P
November 29th, 2022, 01:55 PM Actions…Nao 尚 » Isn't Warlords like 3 bucks when on sale? And Dead Rising 2 and Hearts of Iron IV are both over 5€ each in gray market value. I wouldn't even trade for 1:1 here...
September 21st, 2022, 07:10 PM Actions…Nao 尚 » Sorry for not accepting earlier, was down to the server crashing ;-) Took some measures to try & avoid that in the future.
August 3rd, 2022, 02:25 PM Actions…Nao 尚 » I hope this wasn't really a 2:10 offer... I mean, those 2 games are free on epic games.
July 6th, 2022, 10:37 PM Actions…Nao 尚 » Not trading rare games for common games obviously...
June 12th, 2022, 07:28 PM Actions…Nao 尚 » No I don't see the difference. Also I asked for 5 out of 6 meaning you could just remove anything you thought was too valuable or too rare. And give me the 5:6 and 10:7 games which can't be called rarer than my most common item, a 7:9. That's a weird reaction. Anyway. Can we do a smaller trade then? 1:1 or whatever. Not the common games obviously.
June 12th, 2022, 07:24 PM Actions…Nao 尚 » I'm not being rude. I'm just calling you back to reality... If that game with cards is already in my library then I don't care about the cards since all I'm doing is looking for a copy to offer to a friend who likes hidden object games.
June 10th, 2022, 11:17 AM Actions…Nao 尚 » Note: just trying to get rid of relatively uncommon duplicates. Feel free to counter with something fair. There are 2 removed Steam games in my offer though, so you may want to consider this as more than fair in the first place. :-P
June 10th, 2022, 10:32 AM Actions…Nao 尚 » Wait... You're expecting to give me a game I already have (meaning I only want an extra for a friend), and in exchange I'll give you a rarer game AND a rare soundtrack? Do you know the basics of fair trading? (…)
April 4th, 2022, 05:52 PM Actions…Nao 尚 » (Sent by private message.)
January 28th, 2022, 06:46 PM Actions…Nao 尚 » Have you seen your game's ratio...?
October 18th, 2021, 12:54 PM Actions…Nao 尚 » The season pass by itself is worth twice the value of Bloodstained on the gray market... And Bloodstained has a much commoner ratio at BVG (because of the abundance of users subscribed to Humble Choice), so it doesn't have as much value as Blackgate to me either (as it's also rare at BVG), I'm sorry. I'm not interested in Bloodstained either way, I wishlisted it to gift it to a friend who doesn't do trading. (…)
October 17th, 2021, 03:25 PM Actions…Nao 尚 » Sorry, I got a better offer for Larry... (…)
July 29th, 2021, 11:17 AM Actions…Nao 尚 » Don't offer cheat common games for a AA/AAA please...
June 5th, 2021, 12:21 AM Actions…Nao 尚 » @TheRealMW> Looks like I forgot to complete this trade with you... ;) Haven't been very active on the trading front, these days! Added you.
April 4th, 2021, 01:27 AM Actions…Nao 尚 » I see, indeed the default here is 'all games' by personal choice (I often received 1:1 offers that were meant to be all for all, see!) -- but I thought it was made clear ;) Anyway, I consider LT's trade offer system to be well made, with Ajax and all, but so few people use it that it makes me really sad I spent weeks working on it back in '17 ;)
April 2nd, 2021, 04:04 PM Actions…Nao 尚 » Note: no longer have Norwood, by the way. ;-)
April 2nd, 2021, 01:44 PM Actions…Nao 尚 » Can you explain why you think your 17:17 game is worth 5 of mine, including a 36:34 (so similar ratio) _and_ Norwood which basically I paid for full price back in the day and am not trading this extra copy for a matter of cents?