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December 7th, 11:53 AM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » I said I'm open to a counter. Don't tell me you paid for these two items... They're indie, clearly future bundle material. I'm not trading a AAA for them, at best I'll do something with a worse ratio but more wishlisters. Your "lol" is just insulting. And you're talking to the webmaster...
December 6th, 09:01 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » (Went all out, this is the best I can do for these games. I won't insist if you're not interested.)
December 6th, 09:00 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » You have plenty of wishlist items, so I'm offering a bunch of more common games, but am open to a counter.
December 6th, 08:53 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » I'm not really interested in Tokyo 42, only because it's a tier 1, but its ratio is just not worth a trade. Long Journey is more interesting, but I'd rather keep Dogma for something I'm really interested in.
December 6th, 08:52 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » So, no other game you're willing to trade..?
December 2nd, 09:53 AM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » You offered a 43:9 game (very common) game for a 5:79 (very rare). No reds for greens...
November 30th, 05:58 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » Ratios...
November 26th, 11:11 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » You don't think these 3 games are worth one game from a $1 tier..? lol :) I finished Eventide the other day, it's really good and well worth trying out.
November 17th, 05:15 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » @[] Nao 尚> Okay I had to look into it. :P Yeah that bundle sucks... 3 rebundles, 2 new games with none being particularly valuable... Not worth the $12. I remember Humble Monthly's first offering was stupendous. Good thing I didn't preorder here...
November 14th, 11:10 AM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » Note for tier 3: there's currently a $10+ gap between it and tier 2, making it a relatively bad deal. Observer can usually be found between $5 and $10 on g2a, implying there are lots of given away copies flying around. It's likely the game will be rebundled within a few months in a cheaper capacity. (Well, in case you're interested in the game like I am, that's just my advice, but then again I don't play much outside of casual games.)
November 12th, 11:49 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » Can someone remind me to update this bundle page on November 16 to add the 4 mystery games..? I'm not buying it, personally. (…)
November 12th, 12:08 AM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » Yep... And I changed my mind ;) I'm not really interested in Party Hard Tycoon, and the other two are on the cheap side. 7 Days is better known and I suppose I can retrade it in a few months when I'm interested in trading seriously again.
November 7th, 08:41 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » Sorry I don't trade a lot these days. Did you add me on steam or send by pm?
November 7th, 08:40 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » I didn't even notice this until now ;) I'd have taken a 3:1 easily ;)
November 3rd, 07:50 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » Oh, you're absolutely right, lol. Apologies for the mess. I just switched back to Night mode earlier today and I guess I should rework the CSS to make it more obvious, lol.
November 3rd, 06:56 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » I'm not sure why you'd offer 1:1 only when both of your games have a much worse ratio..?
November 3rd, 06:55 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » 2:1 for Crawl would be acceptable... Otherwise, not worth it for a may-keep game... (Which I'm pretty much certain to redeem now that it's been rebundled and has lost value.) (…)
October 31st, 06:53 AM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » And of course I can wait until after SoM is in happy hour. Otherwise I'll just take the bundle.
October 29th, 10:09 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » I'm sorry, but it's a Steam gift... I'd rather keep it than trade it for a game that was in a recent $5 bundle ;)
October 29th, 02:50 PM Actions…[] Nao 尚 » Note: BVG incorrectly states In The Dark as another game. I've fixed the Groupees package contents to point to the proper game.