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The Fatal Problem / Re: Issue(s)
« on March 22nd, 05:04 PM »
Fixed. The issue comes from the fact that ITAD bundle imports are forced to work with game names, and sometimes bundle reporters will enter a name that's not on Steam, but it'll find an equivalent in another store, so this'll be used. Meh.

I could add some kind of failsafe to prevent non-Steam games being added without my manual approval, but I like mostly having the thing working without human intervention.
The Illustrious Idea / Re: Give me more stats
« on March 22nd, 05:02 PM »
There are more stats but they're only available to me, ahah :^^;:
I don't know, I've never seen any interest in stats beyond my own interest!
It's not about the resource drain, it's 100% about the on-screen clutter. I'm already quite unhappy with how busy some pages look (such as the library pages), and thinking of ways to make them easier to go through. (I thought going for divs instead of tables would help, but it actually made it worse. Not in a hurry to touch this again...)
The Fatal Problem / Re: Issue(s)
« on March 14th, 11:38 PM »
Apologies about the downtime today... I wrote a faulty SQL statement that was missing a safeguard, and ended up running it a million times (!) more than needed. Oops! Had to wait until the query finished, reset the database, and then run the fix query which just took a second or so... Silly me.
Note: banned user 'Kalves', who was reported to be scamming users out of their games. I noticed public insults from them as well, and I only got insulted in return when I asked for clarification. As a result, I also deleted all of their pending trade offers.
It has also been reported that this would be the same person as ReDiR, who was banned long ago at Lestrade's, and has got quite a reputation at bvg as well.

Anyway, I simply recommend not trading with ReDiR and Kalves if they send you offers on other sites.

PS: first ban in over a year and a half.
I'm not sure why there'd be a point in that? You're going to add these entries to your lists, aren't you? Then you just sort the list by Recent, and you can see the number of cards for everything you need. If you're unhappy with something, you can delete it from your list later. (Use the checkboxes, of course.)

I can easily do it but adding more data where not useful is only going to be more confusing. I need the website to remain usable. If you can give me a use case for this...
Thanks ;) I long gave up on making it a trading website, but it serves that purpose as well, and I think it greatly complements other websites by providing a lot of useful information in a nice package. ;)

It's already in there..? In my Tradables page, I can see that number on the right, in a gray box that represents a trading card.
Or can you be more specific?
No, there are still 250-300 unique accounts logging into it every month (I'd say about 150 unique accounts per week, or so..?), it's not much compared with its beginnings but I'm not really fussed about it, the trading system has really never been the main feature of the site to me. It's all about managing your library, tradables etc with easier tagging than on BVG while remaining compatible with it, and basically it's about making things easier, since it couldn't gain enough traction to make the trading section really take off.

So, basically, people would tell me, "I would trade more on Lestrade's if there were more users to trade with", then they say "I can't find enough users, I'm sorry but I'm leaving", and then that's it, we lose users.
Not a big deal, again.

As for whether or not I'm working on the site -- nope, I'm afraid not. I still come on a daily basis (sometimes I'll miss a few days), if only to fix imported bundles and the likes, and I'll also fix bugs if they're reported (or if I can find them in my error log.)

A website is only dead when it no longer has any users and/or it's actually unplugged from the Internet. ;)
I don't know, I haven't bought a game at g2a in ages, all I know is that I keep doing trades, so as long as money isn't involved, the gray market is still very much alive to me.
My dreams of turning LT's into a proper store are long gone, but I'm pretty sure any newcomer could make it work as well. Not everyone is as greedy as those other websites.
The Fatal Problem / Re: Add to library button missing
« on January 10th, 11:28 PM »
It only appears if there's no way to get its ownership status from the Steam API.
So basically it's available for non-Steam games, as well as DLCs, and 'pending' games that have yet to be cleared.
The Fatal Problem / Re: Issue(s)
« on December 29th, 2019, 10:45 AM »
Ah! At last :)
Were you on a Christmas break? ;)
The Fatal Problem / Re: Issue(s)
« on December 23rd, 2019, 01:20 AM »
You'd have to ask Devotee, but he's not much around here...
I sent him a message on Steam, hopefully he'll see it.
It's only the second this has happened since the site opened, BTW. So I'm guessing this might be quite specific.
The Noble Talk / Re: What's up at Lestrade's?
« on December 17th, 2019, 01:27 PM »
Please note that following 2 requests over the last few months, I finally implemented proper removal of accounts, including linked offers. So if you want to remove your account from here, send me a PM. I'll look into your account details and if you haven't had many offers completed, I'll delete your account. (I may also allow it for bigger accounts in the future, but that'd mean keeping the offers online and I like keeping track of every detail in the offer list, so I'd have to keep the account name in the archived offer...)
The Fatal Problem / Re: Issue(s)
« on December 17th, 2019, 01:21 PM »
Yeah, I don't believe in ads. (I believe in money, I just don't believe in seeing it in my hands :lol:)
Possibly a browser bug..? Because I'm not seeing any problems here.
The Fatal Problem / Re: Issue(s)
« on November 19th, 2019, 04:06 PM »
I have no idea what you're talking about...
The games listed at Lestrade's are from a database of Steam games, available or not. I haven't found any game named 'Gio-something', and I don't see why the presence of your ex-game on this database (which is also there to help users manage their libraries) would be a problem for you. Rule 38: if it exists, there's a database entry for it.