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The Fatal Problem / Re: Issue(s)
« on November 19th, 04:06 PM »
I have no idea what you're talking about...
The games listed at Lestrade's are from a database of Steam games, available or not. I haven't found any game named 'Gio-something', and I don't see why the presence of your ex-game on this database (which is also there to help users manage their libraries) would be a problem for you. Rule 38: if it exists, there's a database entry for it.
The Fatal Problem / Re: Issue(s)
« on November 18th, 03:39 AM »
I've been using Open Sang for months here (custom admin settings ;)), and thought there was no reason not to apply it to everyone else (except in mobile mode, for bandwidth reasons.)
Why the issue..? Very readable to me.
The Detective League / Re: Humble Bundles
« on November 12th, 09:05 AM »
As mentioned & discussed in my post 10 days ago. ^^
Although at the time, it was just a shot in the dark when I said that monthly would be the last one. Now we're pretty clear on the fact that Choice is coming right after the release of that monthly, so that'd be Friday, December 6.
The Detective League / Re: Humble Bundles
« on November 3rd, 08:17 PM »
I remember the times when ZD used to be cool. :P
The Detective League / Re: Humble Bundles
« on November 2nd, 06:02 PM »
"Pausing your subscription is fine, and will not cause you to lose access to Classic for doing so. Only canceling your subscription will cause you to lose access to the Classic plan. Additionally, if your subscription is paused when Humble Choice has launched you will still be converted over to a Classic plan."

Okay, I'm on board then...
I'll just have to remember to pause every month if it's just shit games, obviously. But being able to determine that ONCE the games are all out, is just great, and well worth the hassle.
The Fatal Problem / Re: Issue(s)
« on November 2nd, 02:14 PM »
Yes we are.
The beta version of Lestrade's was actually running on such a vps, but it quickly moved to a dedibox server. Performance was doubled overnight.
The Noble Talk / Re: Game stores & clients (Steam, GOG...)
« on November 2nd, 02:13 PM »
And just as with Bitcoin, there was a bubble that exploded at 25€ (!) valuation. Now it's back to around 10 euros. Still laughable.
The Detective League / Re: Humble Bundles
« on November 2nd, 02:10 PM »
Looks like the can't miss humble monthly with Portia and Soulcalibur will be the last of its kind. It's being replaced with Humble Choice(s?), which is way more expensive but you get to choose your games. Current subscribers will remain at the old price, so that's great, but I hope we can still pause a month, otherwise it's not worth it to me.
Also I don't like being forced into subscribing forever...
The Fatal Problem / Re: Issue(s)
« on October 31st, 06:56 AM »
Way less value than dedibox and OVH (kimsufi, or their cloud stuff.)
I'm sticking to French companies anyway. The only time I dealt with a popular web hosting in the USA was a disaster.
The Noble Talk / Re: Game stores & clients (Steam, GOG...)
« on October 31st, 06:47 AM »
Lol the Cs:go key market has gone crazy... Valve put an end to key retrading (dunno why tf2 isn't concerned), and their value has gone +500% overnight, and will probably keep growing.
See? You don't need Bitcoin to get rich with useless digital crap.

Yeah I had no keys left. :lol:
The Fatal Problem / Re: Issue(s)
« on October 28th, 11:20 PM »
Guys, do you think it's worth moving to another server..?
I mean the other server might be a bit slower, although it's very close in specs it's also 8 years older (!).
Also, it'd take me time to reconfigure everything. :-/
But the pros would be:
- No more crashes, hopefully, and certainly not long ones,
- Freedom to install more stuff for my own development,
- More disk space available, so no "disk full" errors, and... I get to improve the database scraping system, by caching pretty much everything.
A Scandal in Minutia / Re: Wrong game key received
« on October 28th, 11:18 PM »
What you need to look for is
There are more tradable copies available at BVG, too.
The Fatal Problem / Re: Issue(s)
« on October 1st, 03:29 PM »
Note: was down for 12 to 18 hours, I'm not sure how long exactly. When it started I was already in bed early due to headaches, and when I woke up I was unable to get in touch with the server admin (devotee) to ask him to relaunch the MySQL server which was the issue here.
I guess I finally found an e-mail address that works ;)

I need to consider moving to another server, though. Not being able to reboot it when I'm made aware of an issue isn't great. This wasn't the case when I started the website back in 2017, and there's no reason it should be a problem today. ;)

I'll look into it.
The Noble Talk / Re: Game stores & clients (Steam, GOG...)
« on October 1st, 03:26 PM »
So maybe their new system doesn't scale well on larger libraries, I don't know.
I'm getting used to it, but I sure hope they'll fix most of the problems soon.
The Noble Talk / Re: What's up at Lestrade's?
« on September 29th, 12:48 PM »
Yeah, Steam has been very unstable these last few weeks, dunno why... DDOS attacks? Either way, it's great to be able to refer to in these situations, I do the same myself, but that wouldn't be surprising eheh.
Their website doesn't "kick you off" though, it simply expires the login cookie. Normally it shouldn't expire that often... I think there are tools to allow you to extend the lifetime of a cookie, you should look into that.