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The Detective League / Re: Humble Bundles
« on April 28th, 10:30 AM »
You might be interested in this blog post:

Next Humble Choice will have Metro Exodus, Darksider Genesis and Hellpoint, among other games.
Just sayin', so you have all the elements in your hands when someone offers you a trade for these games before next week, or right after they're released.
The Fatal Problem / Re: Issue(s)
« on March 30th, 11:17 PM »
I apologize for the downtime today. It was due to a faulty SQL query I wrote to execute something else faster, but that ended up being so slow it killed the server. Oops!
Yeah I don't know how to advertise these search features..  there are so many... Like, do you know you can add "+epic" (or other store) to search only inside one store? Or "-steam" to narrow the results to anything not on Steam. Things like that...
It's actually on the site...

Sorry for the delay in answering.
So, what you should do when you can't find a game here:
- Go to their Steam page using a browser
- Replace 'store.steampowered' with 'lestrades'. Optionally, you can replace 'steampowered' only, but you'll have to deal with an error message, or you'll need to use http instead of https.
- So, in your case, it would lead you to some page like (Also works with packages: /sub/123456/ or whatever)
- If the game is on Lestrade's, it'll redirect you to its page. Otherwise, you'll get an error message, along with a prompt to try & create the page automatically. (I'm not 100% sure non-admins can see that button, tho'.)
- In case nothing works, wait for up to 24 hours. Sometimes, the game is too recent.
- Also, some games get renamed by their author, making it harder to find here, and the /app/ link works fine for those.

PS: if a game is in your wishlist on Steam, it'll automatically be added here once the game shows up here and your data is updated. So you can add the game to your wishlist to 'monitor' its addition to LT's.
The Noble Talk / Re: What's up at Lestrade's?
« on March 25th, 12:17 PM »
@humpaaa, you're assuming I'd like to be hired by anyone. While I'm open to offers I might receive, I never do job searches myself. I'm fine as I am.
Quote from Akylen on March 14th, 03:15 AM
Completely agree. If it wasn't for Augmented Steam (the most recent fork), I could not even imagine going back to using 'normal' steam. The interface is outdated and difficult to navigate. Even with the extension, there are many limitations. Steam has the most content of any gaming platform, but the worst way of organising it >:(
Well, assuming you don't take ex-Uplay, Epic and GOG into account... ;)
Interestingly, GOG used to be really great, but the 2.0 version is horrible to me. I loved the idea, but somehow they thought it would be a good idea to trade off their nice design & speed for a client that's inferior to Steam itself, just so we could have all of our games in one interface. Well, okay. Maybe I should work for GOG, not Valve... (Heck, I'd be more interested in that; I mean, TW3 is still my favorite AAA game.)
Quote from Akylen on March 14th, 03:15 AM
In regards to the site, it could be easily used by anyone to help organise their libraries/etc, because that's what I do. The problem is folks might not be aware of its capabilities besides trading, due to the name.
The name's a play on Trading, yes, but since the very beginning I went for a generic name that implied being in a gentlemen's club (Lestrade's, with the mustache), rather than a trading website (Let's trade).
I try to live up to this idea of a comfy place where you can do whatever you like as long as it remains 'gentlemany'.
Quote from Akylen on March 14th, 03:15 AM
Not sure if Nao would like that, but perhaps let users register without a steam account. It could then be integrated to other platforms, so that it becomes more than a steam thingie!
Well, I don't know:
1- Most serious players who need to sort through their game library already have a Steam library.
2- Steam login allows me to do other things that take advantage of your Steam profile data. Such as determining whether you're a seasoned player or not. It also allows me to avoid having to deal with spammers.
3- It's very, very easy to log in, due to (1).
For instance, I'm doing some prospective development work using an obscure language, and their documentation is using a comment system that's not based on Diskus or Facebook, but rather on Github issues. Why use that? I don't know, it's not worse than anything (also, you may take the comment system out and still keep the comments available, or write your own plugin, etc.) but more importantly, most of this language's users already have a Github account, so it makes sense to ask them to log in through that.

So, it's unlikely I'll go back to being able to open a new account. Seriously, spammers are the worst.
The Noble Talk / Re: What's up at Lestrade's?
« on March 12th, 09:08 AM »
I would have to be a Valve employee to be able to do that.
Their web client interface sucks and has always sucked. They have limited interest in it indeed. Lestrade's is sort of my way of putting as much interesting steam data into a nice interface indeed. (I'm working privately on rebuilding the filter and sorting systems to be applicable to all pages and all areas of the site, but it's extremely complicated.)
Sadly, even with Chrome extensions, such as Enhanced Steam, it's still not quite easy to navigate their site with a browser. The client is even worse...
The Noble Talk / Re: What's up at Lestrade's?
« on March 11th, 07:03 PM »
You mean, as a Chrome extension..?
The Noble Talk / Re: What's up at Lestrade's?
« on March 8th, 11:20 AM »
Tag pages will now allow you to filter entries out by whether you own them (or don't), and have played them (or not).
This will make it even easier to sort through tags where there are many games and you've already played most of the games you own in that category.
As a remind, you can also restrict a tag page by multiple tags, and ignore games from specified tags.

(That feature is probably the one I use the most on my own site, lol, so I spend a lot of time trying to think of ways to find new games I want to play...)
(Maybe coming next: filter in/out by keywords in the game's description!)
(Maybe coming next: free hugs!)
What they said. It's usually the full game. And when I say usually, it's because I haven't tried them all obviously, but normally there's no point in keeping a beta version in your Steam repos. And as for games that expire -- never happens with keys, unless the developer decides to revoke them by himself. In which case he's the scammer.

To add to the topic, whenever someone sends you a key that redeems as "Beta testing for..." or something similar, it means they probably contacted the developer, offered to help (either by testing or promoting the game), got a free key so they could start helping, and proceeded to resell or trade away that key and ignore the developer.

Happens a lot on trading sites. Quite frowned upon, at least here. Only acceptable if multiple 'keys' were obtained that way. Otherwise it's likely the user really scammed the developer.

Really, I'm not a big fan of retrading your beta games.
The Noble Talk / Re: What's up at Lestrade's?
« on February 11th, 03:31 PM »
New: game pages for titles you own will now indicate the date the game was added to your library, under the "Release date" entry.
It's also indicated as a tooltip on the "In library" button.
I figured I might as well show this information, since it's also been recorded.

Note that it only records when the title was added to your Lestrade's library, so there are two limitations:
- The added date will be the same as your Lestrade's signup date if you already had a full library before.
- If you remove a game manually from your library, and then re-add it, the added date will also be updated.
The Noble Talk / Re: What's up at Lestrade's?
« on February 11th, 02:20 PM »
Actually that's why the bundle page now lists given away Epic games alongside the Steam version, so you can see if you have it wishlisted, in which case you can choose to edit your Steam version to either say 'x0' or 'no offers' (meaning you don't want it offered to you, obviously), or simply remove it from your wishlist.

I'm not sure it works outside of the main bundle page, tho'.
The Fatal Problem / Re: Account deletion request
« on February 11th, 02:18 PM »
No problem.
The Noble Talk / Re: What's up at Lestrade's?
« on February 5th, 08:45 PM »
Finding duplicates would be more like a button to launch a process, rather than a proper filter. As for filtering by store I don't know, do you have any use cases for that?
The Noble Talk / Re: What's up at Lestrade's?
« on February 4th, 07:15 PM »
Aren't they already sorted by store in your lists..? (Not in non-user-related lists, though... okay...)
The Noble Talk / Re: What's up at Lestrade's?
« on February 4th, 04:08 PM »
Note that since Lestrade's is now 95% a game library handling tool, rather than strictly a game trading tool, I'm open to suggestions on things to sort your library (or non-library) with. I don't know if other websites have ways for you to find some specific games by some very specific data (e.g. card numbers or whatever), but if you can't find any, maybe it's just a matter of minutes for me to add an option to the site. I can't say I'll say yes to everything, but doing the feature above was really fun, and I find myself using it a lot.