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Canceled From TheGameMaster 2000 []
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Declined To Akylen
Declined From [ELF]
[ELF] said: As always, feel free to counteroffer )
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Declined From vergyl
vergyl said: Rayman is on UPlay.
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Canceled To A1ice[useless]
Completed From [] Nao 尚
[] Nao 尚 said: Hi! Sorry for forgetting this, added you on Steam this morning, feel free to send by PM or Steam chat.
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Milouze said: Key sent via PM :)
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Kleidophoros said: Maybe I can add something extra, check my list.
Declined From [] Nao 尚
[] Nao 尚 said: (Also, lists *are* updated... Steam wishlist & library are done daily automatically for active users, and tradables can be imported manually from BVG. If everyone just took 30 seconds a week to press that damn button..................)
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Canceled From _A_pol_A_
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Canceled From Lex
Lex said: 1:1 or 3:2
Canceled From Lex
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