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The Noble Talk / SteamGifts - is it any good?
« on August 30th, 2019, 10:52 AM »
Just wondering what is your opinion about the site.

This is my review:
SG has become a bad site. It used to be good though, when people actually gave to people.
Right now moderators protect BOTs & "auto-join groups", so that getting game(s) is not possible to normal people. Site is getting overrun by leeches which take 1.000+ games, even though they only gave not more than 10 games. I would avoid it all cost.
& if you think gifting your games in giveaways, you're better of throwing your games in trash than gifting them on SG.
Not to mention that freedom of speech on forum is identical as in North Korea!

Do you think it's harsh?
Quote from []Nao 尚 on July 2nd, 2019, 12:28 AM
Perhaps in 24 hours?
I did wait for 24h, nothing still... :/
I'm a new user here & the problem still persists. On LesTrades got 0/0, while link goes to my account & tehre I have a decent amount of good trades. :/