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The Fatal Problem / Trades for Nao / Lestrade to cancel manually
« on April 9th, 2017, 02:40 PM »
Nao / Lestrade:

Could you cancel these 2? Both were agreed on by both parties to cancel the trade.

Thanks in advance!

I posted this as a thread because I assume there are other people that want some trades cancelled.
The Illustrious Idea / Barter features to consider adding?
« on March 24th, 2017, 06:41 PM »
I figured I'd make a thread which I (and others ofcourse) can use to post general Barter features that spring to mind / they really miss while using this site ;-).

To start this off:
I had this nagging feeling I was missing something while clicking around on the site ;-). Eventually I figured out that it's the Barter front page with your recent offers and other trade related stuff that I'm missing. Ergo: I'd love to eventually see a much more trading oriented front page (with recent bundles!).

On a side note:
I really like sites like for discussing features as a forum i.m.o. just isn't an effective way of getting a good read on what features are really wanted by your audience (you only hear from the people willing to put in the effort to write posts like these).
The Illustrious Idea / Feature suggestions for the Matches page
« on March 15th, 2017, 12:11 AM »
Most of these are probably absolutely no priority right now, but as this is the page I tend to use most, I figured I'd make a thread about it and start off with some suggestions I had in mind.

Really useful (from my perspective)
- Being able to filter or sort by how new the user is to the site would be very useful. Probably some other sorting options could be very useful. I'd use this to see matches with new / recently returned people as it's not much use having the same people pop up continually. On Barter new / recently returned users are not that easy to find.
- I'd like an option to only do matches for games on my wishlist that do / don't have a certain tag. In example: I want to do a match for all games that are NOT tagged "extra" on my wishlist. Another use for this would be to in example match for games I have tagged as "highly ranked" on my wishlist. Multiple tags would be even nicer ofcourse ;-).
- An option to hide non-game items like keys / cards / maybe DLC, etcetera in matches.
- Immediately initiate an offer from the match page (in a new tab). Minimizing the number of clicks needed.

Moderately useful
- Showing previously sent offers on the match page like on Barter.
- An option to limit the number of matches shown on one of the side's. I have a few people that have like 300 from my tradeables on their wishlist; that's quite annoying to scroll through ;-).
- Show the tag the user has given to the tradeable / wishlist item. For instance if a wishlist item is highly ranked, it'd be useful to see that on the matches page.
- Maybe sorting the tradeables on each side? Personally I'd like these to be sorted by rarity (H:W ratio), with the rarest at the top.
- Allowing a bit more metadata of the tradeable; for instance how often it was bundled, possibly H:W ratio. Now I often start an offer and add a few tradeables to get a reminder of whether it'd be a fair offer.

Minor suggestions
- Instead of 'unfolding inactive's' just have that checkbox not show them at all.
- The option to group users and then only match with those groups of user was an interesting feature. If revived, I'd highly recommend allowing custom tags instead so you can make as many groups as you like.
- The barter page is much easier on my eyes / the buttons / games are much clearer in terms of visual acuity (in my opinion). Maybe see if someone is interested in making a really good style sheet for lestrades?
- Matching for all unowned games (useful for collectors ;-)).