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From KIller_Bee
From canislupus_an
From OhadReshef
Canceled From Douzeju
Canceled From 馬德里Javikiki
Canceled From KIller_Bee
Declined From Milouze
Completed To atropos
Completed From Lex
Lex said: I'm afraid I traded the other two already.
Canceled To sexy shortcake-sama
Declined To The Trader
Declined To RainbowWarrior
Declined To girolamocastaldo
girolamocastaldo said: Not bad at all, but I'll just buy the bundle, if I can't get FATE first, sorry!
Declined To Lex
Declined To SixBagofChips
SixBagofChips said: hi, i already have the game :) thanks for offer
Declined To StormSonic
Declined From StormSonic
Completed To PhantomTa2
Completed From Lex
Completed To Hyperduel
Declined To SixBagofChips
SixBagofChips said: hi, i already have The Hive. Thanks for offer!
Declined To Lex
Canceled To KingJZ
Declined To Skatan
Declined To devotee
Completed To Grobbus
Canceled From PrometeheusCZ
PrometeheusCZ said: Canceled
Declined From Grobbus
Declined To meltin
Declined To PhantomTa2
PhantomTa2 said: I've sent an Invite through Steam to you
Declined From Coolerbox(RUS)
Completed From Lex
Lex said: I got There was a Caveman and the other 2 games in trades, so just this one I guess. Sign-on to Steam!
Declined To Lex
Lex said: Got There Was a Caveman from someone else, sorry.
Canceled To Cryoned
Canceled To SALTYteaBAG
Canceled To Magic6
Completed To Lex
Completed From Lex
Lex said: or Tick Tock Isle or Pixel Heroes.
Completed To chaosfrost
Declined To Red Inferno
Declined To IvanTheMildlyPleasant
Declined To F😈CK HOPE
Declined To TangoAK
Canceled To Alex [A.H.K.]
Canceled To MuddyMaestro
Canceled To Hyperduel
Completed From mennoberg
Declined To mennoberg
Declined To Minhs2
Declined To mientus83
Canceled To CMA
Completed To reciffo
Declined To pb