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April 10th, 03:55 PM Actions…Zolivv » I don't have the other one anymore, and this looks more equitable.
April 1st, 01:08 PM Actions…Zolivv » Oops, forgot to update my wishlist, i got Etherborn yesterday on Barter...
March 7th, 12:29 AM Actions…Zolivv » Arg, sorry, forgot to remove it...
February 25th, 09:12 AM Actions…Zolivv » I would expect much more for SoTR.
February 25th, 12:49 AM Actions…Zolivv » I finally removed it, i'll keep it (also Wonderboy). I might do the same for Darkwood that looks fun, i don't know about SoTR... Sorry for being undecided :)
February 22nd, 09:28 PM Actions…Zolivv » I'd say 1/3 of them have the "may keep" tag, but i understand ;)
February 22nd, 08:39 PM Actions…Zolivv » Hello, not sure that i'll trade or keep this one, i'll keep your offer and think about it.