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Quote from Pika! Pika! on February 13th, 12:18 AM
Yes, they use that Steam guard code against you...the entire process is automated. They first remove the Steam Guard, then they remove the phone number associated to one's account and then they change the email associated to one's account, ... in less than one minute. ...
For before being hijacked, I think the key is the way how the Steam Guard to grant the access of any action for the account. 

There are mainly two methods, one is , like what Steam using, to provide an access code which is valid within a minute, so the attackers can use the code do what they want within that one minute.

The other one is, like Microsoft do, there is no code, the account owner have to press "grant it" every time there is an action needed to be confirmed on the app.

As for removing the Steam Guard, I think the priority of the process is, since the attackers can't remove the Steam Guard from the app apparently, they got to change the E-mail or Cellphone number first and then removing the Steam Guard through E-mail or Message to the phone. 
So, within one minute, they use the Steam Guard code we gave them to grant the actions of replacing the E-mail and Cellphone number with their own then BANG!!!  We know the rest of story. 
Quote from Pika! Pika! on February 12th, 10:26 PM
...I entered those details at the scam website and with it, the attacker was able to change the phone number and email attached to my account in less than a minute.
First, thank you for reporting the newest situation to the public and congratulation on your account recovery.

So, what you mean is, within a minute, the Steam Guard code that your provided is the same and the attackers can use it to replace the phone number and email attached to the account with their own ones and then cancel the Steam Guard by their phone number or email rather than using the Steam Guard on the original account owner's cellphone?
Quote from Hopanda on February 12th, 01:56 AM
Quote from Akylen on February 11th, 08:53 PM
... Like Nao said, 2-factor authentication is must nowadays..
Sadly, that doesn't help when people mindlessly login with their information on shady websites before checking whether or not it's actually legit. They're basically giving the information those scammers need voluntarily and make it really easy for them to hijack their accounts.
But I'm super curious about how can the hijacker remove/alter the Steam Guard protection?
I just tried to remove mine and it need to be done on the user's own mobile app in their own phone. :hmm: :hmm:
Quote from Nao 尚 on January 21st, 11:23 PM
Note: looks like the Steam bug is fixed;...
EXACTLY!   My 770+ wishlisted games on are back!!!  Hurray!!   :cool:
Quote from Nao 尚 on January 21st, 11:09 PM
You can easily export your wishlist to Barter in a couple minutes...
Oops!  I forgot this option.   :lol:
This should be a light speed method I think!   :niark:
Quote from Nao 尚 on January 21st, 11:09 PM
...I'd love it if people would start talking about Lestrade's to their friends lol, you never know, it might help. :-D
I've thought about mentioning LT on that SG thread about how I dealt with this issue regarding to wishlisted games lost on trade site.
I may find a right time to do it later if possible.    :)
Quote from Akylen on January 21st, 03:16 PM this will affect all the websites that use their API.

The most annoying thing for me is I have not much giveaways to enter in "Wishlist" game category on right now.
Quote from Akylen on January 21st, 03:16 PM
Thankfully or not, Lestrades keeps its own wishlist .....Hence we were not affected here :)
YES!!  This shows "Nao 尚" is a man of foresight.
Earlier I found there is something wrong about my wishlist on SG, and Steam.  The Lestrade' seems the only one not suffered the damage by it because there is an option not to remove those games from list.  I use Lestrade' to recover my automatically removed 430+ games on mechanism), it took me half hour to complete the process though. 

I appreciate it!!!

The discussion on Steamgifts:
WOW~~  Long response!!!  Like it.  I'll read it later.

BTW, I had set the post to "Notify" status but I didn't get the notice about your newest comment(5 days ago XD) above.  Strange.

And, why there is no "Uplay,""Ubisoft store/key" or "Uplay key" tag?
(Eg: Rayman® Origins Uplay key from Humble Bundle Ubisoft Bundle)

Also, how do I make a quote like you did with user's name and time?
It's been well documented... Most of the 'things' happened in the Spring of 2017. ...
:o I see.  Well explained!
(But really, really, the biggest reason I wanted to have Lestrade's around was to implement the 'Takers' and 'Matches' sections under the banner in game pages. This feature is really fantastic and it's still not there at Barter, even though it'd take 5 minutes to implement.)
Yes!  This is the most awesome feature I ever see!  10000 times better than Steamtrades.  XD
But I think contains similar function, doesn't it?  :hmm:
For example, I like the feel of "* Night & Day" very much!!!
Yeah, it was also a proof of concept for Barter because their Night mode is really, really unusable.
The Night mode in is a joke. A big one!  :lol:
Not to mention its UI layout design.  Does the author really like that? XD
I 'solved' it by taking my main theme CSS data and modifying colors on the fly before saving them in another CSS file. (There's an easy two-step algorithm for RGBA manipulation & brightness inversion.)
A very awesome job!!!
(Maybe some theme tweaking function for geeks in the future? XD)
Member involvement has been remarkably stable in the last 4 or 5 months, but it's still way behind Barter (about 5 times lower)
LesTrade's is still young, isn't?  I think it takes time and ... some luck maybe.  :)
What I need is either for Barter to ask & reuse my codebase,
(Cross fingers..... :wow:)
or some good marketing team to draw more people to this site!
How about post some topics about this site on Steamgifts forum?
Better with some giveaways if you want some "sensational" marketing way. XD (But side-effect warned!)

I think most Steamgifts users need these sites like LT's or if they are using Steamtrades too.
LT's is much attractive and comfortable for a "human being" to use with PRO UI/UX & Full Functional Features.
And the Steamgifts forum is quite active these days. I think it may be a good start!

Wish you luck!
What?!  Stolen?  Is there any story between these two sites?

No matter what, this site is really really much more user-friendly in UI/UX.
For example, I like the feel of "* Night & Day" very much!!!
I hope there will be more and more active users and offers soon!  :)
Oh... YES!  You're right!!!
My bad!!  :geek: :wow: :^^;:

Now, I really love!!!! 

Thank you!!!

Oh...  I think I get it.
Items with ★ are in my Wishlist and items with ⇄ are in my Tradables when I browse others' Tradables.

Thanks for quick reply.

BTW, the UI/UX style on this site is very enjoyable and smooth. 
Much better than except not showing already owned items. >:(
Where can I find the help article about this site?
I don't understand some symbols beside game title in other's Trradables list like, ★ or ⇄.
Making explanations by hovering on symbols maybe?
And why can't this site show items already owned or not by me just like do(I'm using Chrome extension to make it show)?